9 New Emojis 2020 That We Are Looking Forward To (And What They Mean)

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Emojis. They play such a big part in the way we communicate nowadays and the Unicode Consortium has announced that 117 new emojis 2020 will be coming our way in the second half of the year as part of Emoji 13.0.

These emojis allow us to convey emotions which would otherwise be missing in our electronic communications.

Each of the following have different meanings:

OK Grinning Face
OK Face with rolling eyes
OK Frowning Face
OK Angry Face

The new set of emojis for 2020 introduce more items, objects and emotions. The appearance of each emoji will vary by the platform, whether it is on Apple or on Android. These tend to come out at around August on Android and October or November for Apple. While we don’t intend to run down all 117, here are 9 of the upcoming emojis that we are getting excited about and looking forward to their release later in the second half of 2020.

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Emojis 2020

1. Smiling Face with Tear

Smiling Face with Tear - Emoji 2020For when we have the “feels”.

2. Ninja

NinjaFor when we have to sneak out of the room after baby goes to sleep.

3. Woman Feeding Baby

woman feeding baby 1f469 200d 1f37cSelf-explanatory.

4. Man Feeding Bay

Man Feeding BayWhen it is the hubby’s turn.

5. People Hugging

People HuggingWhen the human touch is necessary and the smiley face with open arms isn’t enough.

6. Dodo

DodoWhat happens if you leave your child’s Tupperware water bottle in school.

7. Flatbread

FlatbreadSomething to pick up from the supermarket if you want to make your own pizza at home.

8. Military Helmet

Military HelmetWarning sign of what to expect if the kids have been let loose at home without proper adult supervision.

9. Bubble Tea

Military HelmetOur favourite form of refreshment to reward ourselves at the end of the day (in moderation, of course).

All images from emojipedia.org.

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