6 Ways To Celebrate Star Wars Day 2020 In Singapore At Home

6 Ways To Celebrate Star Wars Day 2020 In Singapore At Home
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4th of May is Star War Day 2020 in Singapore, and around the globe and the galaxy far, far away. While it may not exactly be a day of liberation, except for school going children, true Star Wars fans can still band together to celebrate Star Wars Day 2020 at home.

Here are some ways to mark Star Wars Day 2020 in Singapore at home, amidst the current circumstances.

Star Wars Day 2020 in Singapore

1. Video Conference from a Galaxy Far, Far Away – Star Wars Backgrounds

e star wars backgrounds 09 1536x864 1
Image: StarWars.com

Video conferences are very much the norm nowadays. Why not transport yourself to distant worlds and planets while behind the keyboard, or take control from the Millennium Falcon cockpit?

In April, Starwars.com released a set of over 30 virtual Star Wars background which you can use for your next video conference with apps such as Zoom.

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Death Star
Image: StarWars.com

With a few clicks of the mouse, you could be holding your next meeting from the Death Star. For extra points, dress up as Darth Vader and try to do a Force Choke if you don’t like what one of the other video conference participants is saying.

The Star Wars Zoom backgrounds for video conferencing are available here.

2. Upcycle Your Toilet Paper Roll into Star Wars Characters

e bb8 rollout final star wars day 2020
Image: Starwars.com

What do you do with all those toilet paper rolls which were so coveted? Here’s an idea. Turn them into your favourite Star Wars characters.

Download a template from StarWars.com and choose to create characters like Rey, Ben Solo and Chewbacca with this simple Star Wars craft. All it takes is some paper, colouring materials and, yes, a toilet paper roll core. We hope you’ve been saving those! Our favourite amongst the characters has to be BB-8.

Get ready to “roll out”!

3. Star Wars Craft – A Bookmark That Is Strong With the Dark Side

Sticking with the idea of Star Wars crafts, check out this cool Darth Maul bookmark that you can easily make at home. Have the Sith Lord keep the spot for you in whatever book you are reading.

e lightsaber
Image: Vector Custom Engraving on Etsy.com

For a real power up, check out the awesome lightsaber and bookmarks made by Vector Custom Engraving and available on Etsy here.

4. Star Wars Recipes

It seems as if many of us are discovering our inner chefs during this period of time. For Star Wars Day 2020 at home in Singapore, how about trying out some Star Wars inspired recipes?

e yoda pancakes   07 done
Image: Starwars.com

We think these Yoda (or is Baby Yoda) pancakes are cool.

Blue Milk Pudding
Image: StarWars.com

Or how about Blue Milk pudding? If it is good enough for Luke Skywalker, it is good enough for us.

Fruit Tie Fighters
Image: StarWars.com

We really like these Fruit Tie Fighters made from apple slices. They are easy to make and healthy too. Fruit X-wing fighters would probably be a lot harder to put together. Maybe we can try making them with a carrot and four potato chips?

There are plenty of Star Wars recipes that you can make at home for Star Wars Day 2020 available at StarWars.com.

5. Build a Bot

littleBits Star Wars Droid Invention KitBuild and control your own R2D2 with a littleBits kit. You can assemble it and learn about tech at the same time. After completing it, use your smart device to control it around the home. Check out our full review of the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit here.

The Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit by littleBits is available here.

6. Indulge in Some Star Wars Day Shopping

Star Wars Day, 4 May 2020, is as good a reason as any to treat yourself to a new Star Wars “collectible”. Indulge in a bit of shopping from the comfort of home.

Some of the picks on Amazon Singapore include:

Baby Yoda – Star Wars The Black Series The Child Toy

f baby yodaLook at those eyes.

Monopoly: Star Wars Edition Board Game

Monopoly: Star Wars Edition Board GameHave game night with the family and be transported to a galaxy far, far away while at home. Check it out here.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker The Visual Dictionary: With Exclusive Cross-Sections

e rise of skywalkerBrush up on your knowledge of the last episode of Star Wars with this visual dictionary. Get it here.

Star Wars KeepCup

e star wars keep cupKeep your hot beverage warm with a useful Star Wars-themed KeepCup. So awesome! Get it here.

Check out the rest of the Star Wars items on Amazon Singapore.

Star Wars Day 2020 at Home

Happy Star Wars Day 2020 at home and May the Force be with You!

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