10 Charities In Singapore Where You Can Volunteer Your Time And Resources

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There are many ways to volunteer in Singapore, whether it is distributing supplies and meals to people in need, befriending the forgotten or engaging the public in outreach projects. Here’s our list of 10 charities in Singapore where you can volunteer at.

Do be mindful of minimum ages and requirements before you volunteer. Different organisations have different policies and preferences. When in doubt, do ask and attend one session to see if your family can serve well in the positions before committing to a longer term of volunteering.

For even more volunteering opportunities and charities in Singapore, check out Giving.sg.

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Children & Youth Charities in Singapore

1. Ronald Mcdonald House Charity

Ronald Mcdonald House Charity
Image: Ronald Mcdonald House Charity

Ronald Mcdonald House Charity (RMHC for short) aims to improve the health and well-being of children in Singapore. It organizes birthday programmes for hospitalized children, snack packs and also looks after families by providing them with a place of rest near the hospital ward. Volunteers can help to decorate hospital wards, plan birthday programmes, sponsor goodie bags, pack snacks for nourishing children under chemotherapy and so on. For more details, contact contact@rmhc.org.sg

2. Blessings in a Bag

Blessings in a Bag
Image: Blessings in a Bag

If you have time and resources, especially toys and books – consider giving them to Blessings in a Bag which supports underprivileged youths through learning with a focus on literacy and recources to communities in Singapore. Blessings in a Bag is currently gathering toys and books suitable for toddlers to 12 years of age. For more volunteer opportunities, click here.


3. Filos Community Services

Filos Community Services
Image: Filos Community Services

Filos Community Services serves needy individuals and families through economic relief, bursary and scholarship awards, good rations, counselling and more. It also distributes bread door-to-door to families in the Kembangan-Chai Chee area every first Saturday of the month. Get in touch here.

Differently Abled

4. Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Sometimes, we can turn a blind eye to those who are differently abled as they are not often visible. Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore empowers people with cerebral palsy or multiply disabilities to realise their potential and lead fulfilled lives. There are different types of volunteering: skills-based to impart skills like sports or craftwork and taking of photographs, service-based such as facilitating activities and exercise, assisting in various activities or event-based logistical support and other ad-hoc events. More details here.

5. MINDS Ang Mo Kio

For befriending and engaging persons with intellectual disability, MINDS Ang Mo Kio Training & Development Centre has activities three times a week and seek volunteers to provide assistance and forge relationships for social inclusion. This will help equip the differently-abled with new skills, introduce hobbies and enhance the quality of life.


6. Lions Befrienders

Lions Befrienders - Charities in Singapore
Image: Lions Befrienders

Seniors staying in rental flats can feel rather lonely. Hence, Lions Befrienders conduct crafting sessions to motivate and encourage the older folks. This also helps them to step out of their home, interact with others and open up about issues bothering them while keeping their minds and hands active. Volunteer with Lions Befrienders for the crafting sessions to spread the cheer.

Migrant Workers

7. It’s Raining Raincoats

It’s Raining Raincoats
Image: It’s Raining Raincoats

It’s Raining Raincoats started with a kind act of giving raincoats to migrant workers working at the construction site. It has continued with kind acts to our able migrant workers by giving out items such as water bottles, festive goodies, Christmas gifts, as well as organizing social events for the migrant workers for chances to bond and have fun together. It’s Raining Raincoats has family friendly distribution events listed on their Facebook page here.

Food Distribution

8. The Foodbank Juniors Club

The Foodbank Juniors Club
Image: The Foodbank Juniors Club

The Foodbank redistributes surplus food to 200 beneficiary organisations, reduces food waste and benefits people who need meals and food rations. The Food Bank Juniors Club welcomes children aged 5 to 12 who would get the chance to visit the warehouse, participate in hands on activities and attend excursions and events together with their parents. Parents can also come on board to volunteer in many ways – advocacy, warehousing, administrative and delivery duties.

9. SG Food Rescue

Another organisation that reduces food wastage by redistributing food to community fridges and various organisations, SG Food Rescue focuses on “Veggie Rescue” at various markets such as Little India, Pasir Panjang. For more information on events, visit their social media pages.

Therapy Pets

10. SOSD and Healing Paws

SOSD and Healing Paws
Image: SOSD

If you are an animal lover you will love SOSD’s initiatives. SOSD is dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s street dogs, rehomes dogs and runs “Healing Paws” which conducts animal assisted activities with partner organisations. You can choose to volunteer at the animal shelter, take part in Healing Paws as a handler if deemed appropriate or interact with beneficiaries at events. Find out more here.

For even more volunteering opportunities and charities in Singapore, check out Giving.sg.

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