Woodlands Crescent Park: Half-Moon With Viewing Deck & Playground

Woodlands Crescent Park: Half-Moon With Viewing Deck & Playground
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Woodlands Crescent Park is a neighbourhood park located around Woodlands Drive 72 and Woodlands Crescent road. This half-moon shaped park provides a green space for those seeking a quiet recreational spot.

Woodlands Crescent Park Sculpture

Those arriving at the southern end of Woodlands Crescent Park will be greeted by a yellow sculpture which look a little like an upside down seed.

Exercise Area, Woodlands Crescent Park

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As a recreational space that caters to multiple generations, there is an exercise area within Woodlands Crescent Park. This fitness corner allows adults of different ages to get some exercise.

A foot reflexology path with a hand rail also provides some relieve to those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Woodlands Crescent Park Playground

There are two Woodlands Crescent Park playgrounds which cater to children of various ages.

Woodlands Crescent Park Playground

The main playground structure is blue with multiple red slides. Climb up to the sheltered play structure and choose to zip down either open slides or tube slides.

On the padded floor of the playground, there are markings for hopscotch too.

Woodlands Crescent Park Neighbourhood Playground

A short distance away is the second part of the Woodlands Crescent Park playground. This smaller, playground has a series of climbing apparatus and a rock wall where kids can practise their bouldering skills.

Neighbourhood Park with Viewing Deck

Neighbourhood Park

Elsewhere in the park, there is a low viewing deck which provides a higher vantage point to look out at the semi-circular park (and the playing field of Admiralty Secondary School).

Compared to some of the other parks in the Woodlands and Admiralty area, Woodlands Crescent Park is much smaller would not seem to have as many exciting features.

Not too far away, Circle Green Park has a double domed playground and a good number of swings while Greenwood Sanctuary @ Admiralty has a larger range of facilities. The White Animal playground, hidden in the midst of apartment blocks, also seems more unique.


Nonetheless, Woodlands Crescent Park does provide a nice green corner for residents around it and that’s probably what really matters.

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