Wag & Wild: Dog Water Park In Singapore For Pawrents And Pooches

Wag & Wild: Dog Water Park In Singapore For Pawrents And Pooches
Image: Wag & Wild
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Bring your ‘pupper’ out for their best doggy day ever at Singapore’s largest dog water park! If your dog loves to splash and swim, give them a treat to a day out at Wag & Wild, a dog water park in the West.

There, your pups can get some low-impact exercise in the water as well as keeping cool and meeting other doggy friends.

Dog Water Park in Singapore

Dog Water Park in Singapore
Image: Wag & Wild

Playtimes at Wag & Wild based on one-hour time slots with a grace period of 15 minutes is given to leave the park. ‘Pawrents’ are strongly encouraged to be with their dogs in the pool at all times and it is essential that you keep a close eye on your pup, despite their natural swimming abilities to prevent accidents.

Wag and Wild - Water Park for Dogs in Singapore
Image: Wag & Wild

Some of the dog water park’s house rules include not feeding your dog three to four hours prior to your session so as to prevent regurgitation.

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Also, ensure that your pup is in good health and free from any open wounds or infections for the last 10 days before the date of visiting the Singapore dog water park.

A valid current annual vaccination or titer test record needs to be presented upon entry.

Dogs need to be rinsed at waterpoints before entering Wag & Wild to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the pool.

Useful Things To Know Before Visiting

Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Wag & Wild
Image: Wag & Wild

Other important items to bring along to Wag & Wild include towels to dry off yourself and your dog, trash bags to clean up after your dog, a leash, snacks and toys that you and your dog might want to play with.

There are no enclosed showers for humans but there are changing stalls where you can change out to a dry set of clothes and there are power sockets available for paw-rents who wish to BYO hairdryer.

The admission price for one dog is $28 (before GST) and free entry is given for up to two human guests.

Each additional human is charged at $6 (before GST) per session and there will be a maximum ratio of 5 humans to 1 dog entrance ticket.


Unfortunately, there are breeds that are restricted from entering and there are also certain breeds that need to be muzzled upon entry. Be sure to check Wag & Wild’s site to see if your dog falls under this category.

Other services offered by Wag & Wild include dog boarding, dog daycare and dog grooming. You can also book the entire dog water park for private events such as a doggy birthday party! Have fun!

Wag & Wild

Address: 2 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-13, Singapore 608512
Contact: 67498858


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