Visiting The “Yayoi Kusama: Recent Paintings” Solo Exhibition At Gillman Barracks: Life In Black & White

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From now till 6 March 2021, visit Ota Fine Arts Singapore to see an exhibition of Yayoi Kusama works, “RECENT PAINTINGS”. This exhibition features 15 monochrome paintings from the artist’s My Eternal Soul series made in 2019-2020, and CLOUDS (2019), a sculpture installation with pieces of stainless-steel forms with a mirror-finish.

03 yayoi recent painting

This is Kusama’s first solo presentation in Singapore since her last large event at the National Gallery Singapore in 2017, Life Is The Heart of A Rainbow. All works in the RECENT PAINTINGS exhibition are being shown the first time in Southeast Asia.

Yayoi Kusama: Recent Paintings

Yayoi Kusama: Recent Paintings

In 2018, Yayoi Kusama started working intensively on the series of 100 x 100 cm paintings which make up the paintings that would continue her series of paintings “My Eternal Soul”. Subsequently, in 2019, she began making these paintings in monochrome.

This is a different take from her works which are usually covered in bright and vibrant colours. The fifteen new paintings feature bold black lines that envelop the canvas together with various motifs such as eyes, faces, biomorphic shapes, nets and dots.

Monochrome Paintings From My Eternal Soul

Monochrome Paintings From My Eternal Soul

Her paintings have interesting names such as “Yayoi Kusama To Michelle Obama” and “All My Love For Humanity” which provide a glimpse into Kusama’s current state of mind. The colour palette for this series of works seems to fit the more sombre theme of her works which usually revolve around love, death, humanity and her relationship with the universe and beyond.

CLOUDS by Yayoi Kusama

02 yayoi recent painting

In the same exhibit space is CLOUDS, an exhibit consisting of stainless-steel cloud-like shapes surround the floors of the gallery. CLOUDS consist of ninety different parts that are made with stainless steel with patina and wax in cloud-like shapes and surround the floors of the gallery.

It allows those who visit to gain an interesting perspective of themselves as well as the paintings around them, creating an expansive yet immersive atmosphere that allows for imagination beyond the walls of the gallery.

Entry to this exhibition is free of charge.

Yayoi Kusama: Recent Paintings

Yayoi Kusama: Recent Paintings

Where: 7 Lock Road, #02-13, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108935
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Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7pm / Sunday 11 am to 6 pm
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