Virtual Exhibitions At Singapore Museums That You Can Visit From Home

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Looking to visit our local museums without leaving the house? Thankfully there are a good number of exhibits that are now virtually available and accessible to the members of the public. Here are some virtual exhibitions at Singapore museums that you can visit from home.

Virtual Exhibitions At Singapore Museums

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Heritage Room Scavenger Hunt
Image: Singapore Philatelic Museum Website

Enter the local museum of stamps from the comfort of your home. The Singapore Philatelic Museum’s collections range from stamps and archival philatelic material of Singapore from the 1830s to the present day, and stamps from member countries of the Universal Postal Union. Some local exhibitions you can visit virtually include The Little Prince: Behind the StoryAll About DogsAnime X StampsThe Singapore Journey: 50 Years Through Stamps and more. Website

Former Ford Factory

Former Ford Factory Virtual Tour
Image: Screen capture from NLB website.

Discover how Singapore survived the Japanese Occupation at the History Former Ford Factory. The site of the British Forces’ surrender to the Imperial Japanese Army in 1942, this exhibition presents the events and memories surrounding the British surrender, the Japanese Occupation and the legacies of the war. This virtual tour allows you to step through the different exhibits and get a view of the conference room where the surrender took place and more. Website

From the Stacks

Did you know that the formation of the first library in Singapore is closely associated with Stamford Raffles? Shortly after setting up a British settlement on the island in 1819, Raffles proposed the setting up of an educational institution, with one of its objectives being: “to collect the scattered literature and traditions of the country, with whatever may illustrate their laws and customs.”

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Discover early Singapore from a fresh perspective through over 100 highlights from the National Library’s collection of rare publications, manuscripts, documents, maps, photographs and more. The collection covers a broad range of topics such as politics, language, religion, literature, travel, nature, food, and more.


An Old New World: Digital Edition


Sail back in time to the East Indies over 400 years ago as you take a virtual tour to an Old New World. The exhibition offers two modes of navigation – guided and self-exploratory. The guided tour includes a curated exploration following the themes of Knowledge and Power and Seeing the Indigenous. Alternatively, you may also navigate the galleries at your own pace via the self-exploratory mode.


Every Body Plays A Part

Image: National Museum of Singapore

Featuring a selection from the National Museum of Singapore’s Collection and using the concept of the “body” as a starting point, this online showcase explores a little-known side of Singapore’s history of public health. See how our Nation has handled various types of medical crisis in the past and how they are continuing it manage them today. Every Body Plays a Part will feature four exhibits covering the Distancing, Inoculation, Hygiene and Restoration of bodies.


Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery

Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery: Pay A Virtual Visit To The Community Museum
Image: National Heritage Board

Learn about traditions and cultural practices of the past at the Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery. Various performing arts here include Chinese Opera, Street Puppet Theatre and Calligraphy. Find out more here.

National Gallery Singapore

Suddenly turning visible
Image: National Gallery Singapore

Get your dose of National Gallery Singapore from wherever you are! Explore the works in an all-new 3D environment created with cutting edge technology for a virtual experience like no other. There are also past exhibitions such as Chua Soo Bin: Truths & LegendsSuddenly Turning Visible: Art & Architecture in Southeast Asia (1969 – 1989) and Latiff Mohidin: Pago Pago that is brought to life in an immersive 360° experience.Website

Virtual News Gallery

Early Editions

A deep dive into the history of Singapore’s media through interactive exhibits and multimedia platforms, the Virtual News Gallery is a permanent exhibition that opened in March 2020. In this online version, there are highlights from the three interactive zones: early editions, behind every story and fact or fake. Read more about the physical exhibition they are based off here. 


Virtual Tour Of Materials And Design

Batik Resistance

The Asian Civilization Museum’s third-floor galleries are focused on decorative art and are collectively themed Materials and Design. The two new galleries, Fashion and Textiles, and Jewellery, together with the refreshed Ceramics gallery, over 400 precious and finely crafted masterpieces, telling unique stories of Asian identities, histories and cultures.


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