Tulipmania Singapore 2018: Miniature Town And Sleeping Giants Among The Tulips

Tulipmania Singapore 2018
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Spring comes to Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome with Tulipmania Singapore 2018. This annual floral event brings the brilliant colours of tulips to the Flower Field.

Tulips at the Flower Dome, 2018Approximately 90,000 tulips of more than 40 varieties are on display at the Flower Dome for Tulipmania Singapore 2018. The pretty, cup-shaped flowers come in a variety of shapes and colours. These range from the classic hues of Yellow Flight tulips to the deep purple of peony tulips.

Town of Tulips at the Flower Dome

Tulipmania Display at Flower Field, Flower DomeAt the Flower Field, a miniature provincial town has sprung up for Tulipmania Singapore 2018. This little town is dominated by the town hall and has all the other amenities you’d expect in a village too, like a bakery, café and general store.

Windmills at Tulipmania 2018, SingaporeSince this is Tulipmania, of course, the miniature town has windmills as well! Look out for wooden clogs too.

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Town Hall, Tulipmania 2018The town buildings are as tall as 4 metres in height. The structures are brightly decorated with bright hues courtesy of different varieties of tulips.

Sleeping Giants

Giants in the tulip fieldsHowever, the village buildings would probably be dwarfed by the family of giants that have fallen asleep in the tulip fields surrounding the town.

Sleeping giants, Tulipmania 2018, Gardens by the BayThe family of four giants consists of Dad, Mom and two children. Occasionally, you will find them opening their eyes as they stir from their slumber, only for them to fall back to sleep again.

They must have been sleeping in the fields for some time as tulips have grown in their hair.

Giant children, Tulipmania 2018In the case of the children, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they have been buried up to the necks in tulips instead.

Tulip display at Gardens by the Bay 2018You will also notice giant-sided tea cups set out around the Flower Dome for Tulipmania Singapore 2018. These are appropriately sized for the giants but also double up as pretty potholders for the bulbous tulips too.

Among the types of tulips that you can see at Tulipmania Singapore 2018 include Darwin Hybrid tulips, Triumph Tulips and Fringed Tulips. These bring swathes of orange, red and yellow to the Flower Field.

Grape hyacinth at Flower DomeThe tulips are complemented by other bulbous plants such as the hyacinth and grape hyacinth.

Tulipmania 2018 in SingaporeGardens by the Bay's Tulipmania 2018 in SingaporeTulipmania Singapore 2018 at Gardens by the Bay

Tulipmania Singapore 2018 takes place from Friday, 13 April to Sunday, 13 May 2018 at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome. Usual admission charges apply.

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