Top 5 Apps For Parents With Young Children That I Keep On My Phone

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The contents of my phone have changed drastically since becoming a mum. Pre-children, my phone was dedicated to reading emails, the news, social media, and a lot of messaging. Post-children, my phone is now chockfull of super cute photos of my kids and many parenting-related apps to help me keep up with my two boys.

Here is a list of my top five parenting-related apps (for new parents and parents with young children) that can be found on my phone.

Parenting Apps For Parents With Young Children

Baby Tracker

Baby TrackerI have used this app from the first day my first son was born. During newborn days, it helps track things like how frequently your baby eats and how frequently your baby passes motion (along with what color/consistency that motion is). As your baby gets older, the app helps to record baby’s sleep, medication, and other things you may need to remember.

Price: Free with the option to purchase an upgrade. The free version has been more than enough for me and my two boys. The full version costs $4.99.

Download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Sound Sleeper

Sound SleeperThis app is important for people who want to sleep train their kids. Both my boys sleep better and enter into “deep sleep” much faster with a white noise machine. Whenever I’m out of the house or traveling, I use this app on my tablet to help my boys get quality Zz’s.

Price: Free with the option to purchase an upgrade. I recommend purchasing the upgrade for unlimited play. Cost of full version: $3.99.

Download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


WaterloggedAs a nursing mother, you get dehydrated SO quickly. Taking care of the kids often makes it hard for me to remember to take a drink of water. This is a great app that I use to track how much I’m drinking and also set reminders for me throughout the day.

Price: Free.

Download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Libby by Overdrive

Libby by OverdriveThis is one of my favourite apps on my phone. Libby connects to your local library and lets you borrow books directly to your phone. Whenever I needed to read up on something parenting-related, I can access it immediately through the Libby app. And during late night nursing sessions, I use Libby to read more entertaining books to keep me awake. You can also download audiobooks!

Price: Free with valid library account.

Download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


a05 Parenting AppThis app gives you daily, age appropriate activities to do with your baby to help them develop. It also shows you milestones your child should reach at each age (in the form of a checklist so you can keep track), and articles to keep you informed. What I especially love about this app is that it provides videos of how to do certain activities along with a section where you take note of how your child progresses.

Price: The free version gives you one free activity per day. You can also purchase the app at a one-time fee for unlimited use at $37.99. It is also available as monthly subscription of $3.99 or yearly subscription of $23.99.

Download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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