Tokyo Dome City Attractions: Amusement Park In the City

Tokyo Dome City Attractions – Amusement Park In the City
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Looking for thrills in the middle of Tokyo city? Tokyo Dome City Attractions, with its various thrill rides and amusements, may be just the place you are looking for.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is a free-to-enter amusement park next to the Tokyo Dome sports complex, home of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team. Visitors can pay only for the rides and attractions they wish to go on – and there are 25 rides and attractions to choose from. Best of all, the rides at Tokyo Dome City stay open into the evening!

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Here are some of the rides and experiences at Tokyo Dome City Attractions!

Thunder Dolphin Rollercoaster

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The signature ride at Tokyo Dome City Attractions is the Thunder Dolphin. This bright yellow rollercoaster zips around the tracks at a maximum speed of 130 km/h. The maximum drop on this Tokyo Dome City Rollercoaster is 80 degrees – just 10 degrees short being a straight vertical drop.

However, its signature move is when it flies through the LaQua building. That’s not its only trick. It also plunges through the centre of Tokyo Dome City Attractions’ Ferris Wheel – just like a dolphin jumping through a hoop.

Definitely one for thrill seekers.

Thrill seekers in a hurry may also wish to take note that there is a Thunder Dolphin Skip Pass – sort of a fast pass to skip the queue and get on the ride.

Big O Ferris Wheel

Big O Ferris Wheel, Tokyo Dome CityThe Big O Ferris Wheel is another way to get a great view at Tokyo Dome City Attractions.

This is the world’s first hubless Ferris Wheel. It takes around 15 minutes to complete a revolution on the Big O, during which time, you can experience the buzz of the Thunder Dolphin going past.

Big O even has e cabins that are fitted out with karaoke systems. You can try to see how many songs you can sing in a round.

Wonder Drop

Wonder Drop, Tokyo Dome City Attractions’ water flume rideReady to make a splash? Try Wonder Drop, Tokyo Dome City Attractions’ water flume ride. Take a dive from the height of three floors to the pool below. You will get wet!

Haunted House

Those aged six and up can experience a haunted house set in a traditional Japanese house. Those who dare to step inside will stumble upon the tragedy that has be fallen a couple.

More Rides

Kids rides at Tokyo Dome CityFor kids (and those less thrill-inclined), there are also rides which cater to the young. These include the Furi Furi Grand Prix where kids can drive around a course, a free-fall ride for kids, Kids Hacker, and a Pixie Cup.

Parachute Ride, Tokyo Dome City Amusement ParkBesides these, other rides and attractions at Tokyo Dome City Attractions include the Power Tower, the Sky Flower parachute ride and Flash Rush, a sports-oriented, push-button attraction.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is great place to visit when you when need a break from all the eating and sightseeing around the big city. Attraction tickets range from 420 yen to 1,030 yen each.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions stays open till the evening. Check website for the latest times.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions


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