The Playgrounds Of Simei: Swings, Nets & Vertical Play In The Neighbourhood

Simei Playgrounds
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Simei is a nice and cozy estate in the East of Singapore, just across the Pan Island Expressway from Tampines. With an estate this compact in size, the various Simei playgrounds are all with a short distance from each other.

There are many different children’s playground around Simei, some of which can be quite small to serve the residents in the immediate vicinity. Here are some of the playgrounds in Simei and where they can be found.

Simei Playgrounds: Neighbourhood Play Spots

Simei Road Wallholla Playground

Simei Road Wallholla Playground

Located between Blocks 156 and 163 Simei Road is a Wallholla vertical playground. This black and orange structure features a grey slide. Also within the same vicinity is an arc-shaped climbing obstacle and a toddler play area.

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Rope Obstacle Course

Simei Street 1, Blocks 151, 153 & Street 3 146 Playgrounds: Obstacle Rope Course & More

On the other side of Simei Road, in front of Blocks 151 and 153 is a row of play equipment. The highlight here is linear stretch of low rope obstacles. Kids can make their way across the various obstacles which include a postman walk and cargo nets.

Simei Street 2, Block 146 Playground

Not too far away, at Block 146, there is another low-height children’s playground too.

Arcs & Ropes

Block 226, Simei Street 4 Playground

At Simei Street 4, next to Block 226, is a small playground with springboards and a suspended tunnel which kids can climb through. It is a chance for them to practise their motor skills. After that, they can hop on to a standing seesaw too.

Parc Luminere Playground

Horse & Snail Teeter Totter 

On the car park rooftop at Parc Luminere is a children’s playground. This is a soft-padded floor playground with a unique-looking snail teeter totter. Read more details here.

Castle Playground

Castle Playground

The Simei playground at Block 254, Simei Street 1, a block away from Eastpoint, is unique because it adopts a castle-themed. While ship-themed playgrounds are commonly found in Singapore, a castle-themed playground is rarer. There are towering ramparts and even cannons sticking out from platforms above. Read more about the Simei castle playground.

Swings and Spacenet by the MRT Line

The Playgrounds Of Simei

In front of Blocks 114 and 117, next to the Pan Island Expressway, there are two playgrounds, separated by the MRT line. This is where you will find a set of swings, including two bucket swings for very young kids.

Spacenet at Simei

There is also a small “spacenet” along with some interesting looking seesaws at the other end of the play space.

Bulldozer Playground in Simei

Not too far away, at Block 116, there is also a toddler-friendly bulldozer-themed playground.

Simei Park Playground

Simei Park Playground

Simei Park, next to the Pan Island Expressway, has a children’s playground along another set of swings. The playground structure at Simei Park is a tower with slides for kids to have some fun under a canopy of trees.

Jalan Pelatok Park

Jalan Pelatok Playground

At the fringe of Simei is the Jalan Pelatok Park. This open space has two playground structures for kids to enjoy (although one was closed when we visited in June 2021). The attraction here is the large green space where kids can run around under the watchful eyes of caregivers.

Sunbird Circle Playground

Sunbird Circle Playground

Slightly away from Simei Estate is the Sunbird Circle Playground. This is a quiet playground which serves the private estate and it has a small play structure along with an exercise area.

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