The Kindness Gallery: For You and Me

The Kindness Gallery
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Kindness can be shown in the simplest ways. This was exemplified by a Singapore Kindness Movement staff at The Kindness Gallery who said that anyone was welcome into the Gallery, even if just to sit down for a rest.

Singapore Kindness Movement & The Kindness Gallery

The Kindness Gallery can be found at Stamford Court. It shifted to its current location from the Old Hill Street Police Station building at the end of 2016. It is run by the Singapore Kindness Movement, a non-government organisation that encourages everyone to be gracious and kind.

The Gallery is small (just as acts of kindness can be) but welcoming (like the feeling kindness can stir up).

Here are 6 things that you are welcomed to do at Singapore Kindness Movement’s Kindness Gallery.

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1. Gawk at “Old School” Memorabilia

Singa Book and Ruler, The Kindness GalleryEven before there was the Singapore Kindness Movement, there was Singa the Courtesy Lion. He was “born” in 1982 and helped to spread the message that courtesy is “for you and me” to generations of school children. In 2009, he became the official mascot for the Singapore Kindness Movement before “resigning” from that position in 2013.

Singa the Lion MemorabiliaYou can view memorabilia from Singa’s long career on display at The Kindness Gallery. If you are old enough, they are sure to bring back some childhood memories.

2. Buy “New School” Merchandise

Singa FigurinesIf looking at Singa makes you want to take one home, you can. One of The Kindness Gallery’s most popular items on sale is a small Singa the Lion figurine ($5).

The Kindness Gallery You can also purchase pouches and even junior tees with the iconic lion on them at The Kindness Gallery.

3. Take a Bus and Play in a “Treehouse”

Kindsville Bus and TreehouseEven though the gallery isn’t that big, they have still managed to fit a minibus and “treehouse” in it! These are perfectly sized for preschoolers. They can hop on board the bus to Kindsville, climb to the second level of the treehouse, or hide in a nook to read a book.

4. Post a Letter to Singa (and Get a Reply!)

Post Box, The Kindness GalleryA red postbox stands just inside The Kindness Gallery’s entrance. While you can’t use it to send letters to your best friend (for that, use the mailbox at Singapore Philatelic Museum, just around the corner), the letters posted here go to Singa.

Better yet, you don’t even need to be at The Kindness Gallery to correspond with Singa. Little ones can send Singa a letter from home to share their stories, and if they include a return address (with parental consent), they will get a reply! How cool is that!

Send your snail mail to:

Singa and the Kindness Cubbies
Singapore Kindness Movement
61 Stamford Road
#01-08 Stamford Court
Singapore 178892

5. Look Out for Special Holiday Activities

Visit the Singapore Kindness Movement website to find out if there are any special holiday activities taking place at the Gallery. For example, during the June School Holidays 2017, primary school students who receive the Kindsville Times magazines and complete the required activities inside will be able to go to The Kindness Gallery to redeem a CLUB Cubbie Collectable.

6. Take Home Something

The last thing you can do at The Kindness Gallery is both free and valuable at the same time. It is to take away the message – “Be kind to one another”!

The Kindness Gallery

Address: 61 Stamford Rd #01-08, Stamford Court Singapore 178892
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm; The Kindness Gallery is closed on Weekends and Public Holidays

GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to Magic Mee Goreng, a Puppetry Performance About the Science of Food

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