The Gift Of Gratitude: Much To Be Thankful For

Gift of Gratitude Giveaway: What Were You Thankful For In 2018?
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In December 2018, we asked our readers to reflect back on the year that passed and to share with us what they were most thankful for. We were sincerely touched by some of the stories that we received.

Family was a common thread amongst the stories. Some of the stories were simply about appreciating the little blessings that come along every day.

Here are some of the things which Little Day Out readers were thankful for in 2018, reminding us that there is much to be grateful for as we look forward to the new year ahead.


“My 2-year-old son was down with fever in October 2018. We were waiting for the doctor at Thomson Medical PD clinic when he suddenly had a febrile seizure. He was unconscious and we rushed to the doctor’s room. The doctor immediately carried him and rushed to the ICU. It was the scariest moment of our parenting journey.

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Thanks to the speedy intervention and treatment, he recovered after 3 nights of stay in the hospital. We were able to travel to Taiwan in November for our family holiday which was planned much earlier. The incident taught us to be grateful for every day and to treasure your time with your loved ones.” – Poh L.S.

“I’m grateful to be able to stay home and spend quality time with my toddler through play.” – Natalie T.

“I am thankful to God, my family members and my near and dear, for making me comfortable and giving me enough support to have a pleasant 2018” – Anuradha G.

“Hari Raya is all about family, love and bonding. Unfortunately, my grandmother who taught me the meaning of Hari Raya passed away on the eve of Hari Raya 2018. Ever since then, Hari Raya has been a bittersweet affair. That said, I am really thankful for my husband and kids who filled the huge void in my life and made Hari Raya meaningful for all that it has all over again.” – Noorsyahidah J.

“Most thankful for a smooth delivery and health with my #3 after all the difficulties I had with the pregnancy itself.” – Laarvanya R.


“I’m thankful to still be able to hold my 72-year-old Dad’s hands. He has been the pillar for my late grandparents and his siblings. He is the pillar for my Mum, my sister and me. He is the wonderful Ah Kong for my nephews and my children. I’m grateful that my Dad is the role model for me, showing me responsibility, empathy, love, understanding and strength. I will continue to hold his hands tightly.” – Rebecca S.

“I’m really thankful and grateful to my parents who help to take care of my two little ones while my hubby and I can work at ease.” – Lim X.M.

Work Life

“Thankful for a great 2018 and for the awesome new job that gave me the opportunity to travel to other places frequently.” – Charmaine T.

“I was unemployed since last October and at my wit’s end until this April when my boss was willing to give me a chance. I am very grateful to her and the directors for this employment.” – Angelize N.

“I am thankful for my colleagues whom I can rely on when I need to take care of my family members. They would gladly cover my duties while I am away. I am glad I have considerate colleagues like them.” – Goh S.K.

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and reminded us that we always have something to be thankful about. We at Little Day Out are thankful for all you, our readers, and wish everyone a wonderful 2019 ahead.

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