Superhero Me’s COVID-19 Educational Resource Package For Those With Disabilities: Everyone Can Play A Part

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Superhero Me, the ground-up inclusive movement, has developed a learning resource package for children and people with disabilities. It is intended to help caregivers teach their children and charges how to protect themselves in the current COVID-19 situation.

COVID-19 Educational Resources for Children and People with Disabilities

Dr Lim Hong Huay, one of the doctors who supported the project, writes on the Superhero Me website, “…mainstream materials and messages are often hard to understand or grasp for children and persons with significant communication and intellectual disabilities. Like every other Singaporean, they need to learn new skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their loved ones, change behaviours to be socially responsible in public places, and understand what is happening to manage the anxiety they intuitively sense in those around them.”

COVID-19 Educational Resources for children with special needs
Image: Superhero Me

Amongst the COVID-19 Educational Resources children with special needs is a set of 59 slides with videos and comic strip conversation designed to match the communication and cognitive level of those with disabilities.

These slides cover topics such as what is COVID-19, importance of washing hands, wearing a mask and how to cough without dirtying the hands. It is free to download and use for educational purposes.

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Let’s Fight COVID-19 with Superhero Me

In addition, Superhero Me has produced a video to help educate peoples with disabilities about COVID-19 and good practices. It is available in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu.

The video features four friends, Arthur Kiu, Fong Git Yu, Lorraine Lim and Rinn Chan, from Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool by AWWA, seeded by the Lien Foundation, along with mum Nur Hidayah Shahrudin and her twin boys Rizq Nawfal and Qays Naushad, 8, and veteran photojournalist Bob Lee with his son Jun Le, 12.

Superhero Me produced the resources with the support of Dr Lim Hong Huay, Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Eden School and Lien Foundation. The content was put together by Superhero Me’s Class of 2020 Captains.

Access the resources at the website



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