Spoonful Meals: Virtual Cafeteria With Delivery-Only Comfort Food

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Spoonful Meals has just launched its cloud kitchen in Singapore. The “virtual cafeteria” has its own delivery-only brands NOSH, which offers healthy Californian cuisine, and GA (家常) which offers a selection of Cantonese style comfort food.

Spoonful Meals in Singapore

Originally from Hong Kong, Spoonful Meals is a wholesale delivery service focusing on lunch subscriptions, mainly for corporates. Its partner brands include Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger, Impossible and The Cheesecake Factory.

When we were approached to sample meals from NOSH and GA, we took to Little Day Out Instagram Stories to see which dishes would be the most appealing to our readers. After compiling the results, here were the ones that gathered the people in the office to try – by popular demand of our readers.

NOSH – Healthy Californian-Style Meals

NOSH – Healthy Californian-Style MealsThe first two dishes we tried from Spoonful Meals were from NOSH. We started with the Grass-Fed Beef Burrito Bowl with Guacamole, Brown Rice, and Cabbage. The side we got with this were Coconut Protein Balls.

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The beef was very tender, almost the texture of medium-rare but it looked fully cooked through. The brown rice was not as fluffy as we would have liked, but when consumed together with all the other ingredients, it didn’t bother us too much. The guacamole was really nice and creamy yet refreshing because of the generous dose of lime. The salsa had a hint of heat and the cabbage came crunchy despite it being delivered over in a hot meal. Impressive!

The meal was pretty filling and definitely help us to keep within a 2000 calorie diet since it was a total of 650 calories. The coconut protein balls were not our favourite but perhaps it was just because none of us were inclined towards the taste of coconut very much. The texture was that of a nonya kueh.

NOSH California Series "Berkeley Pulled Chicken Salad"After trying something hot, we moved on to the NOSH California Series “Berkeley Pulled Chicken Salad”. This meal is served chilled, and great for when you want to skip the queue at the microwave to heat up any meals.

With chicken, mixed salad, corn, red beans, chickpeas, cherry tomato, and a mayonnaise-vinegar sauce, it had good flavour and was not bland at all.

We paired this with the other popular choice amongst the Little Day Out readers who voted: Beetroot Quinoa Salad with Walnuts and Feta Cheese. This side was delicious and the beetroot was sweet and paired with the feta cheese wonderfully.

Although this meal is one that could easily be prepared at home, we all know how valuable time is, and getting this meal pre-made allows for extra time with family, to catch up on sleep or even to finish some extra work.

GA – Comfort Food Delivered

GA – Comfort Food DeliveredWe then moved on to the Cantonese cuisine from GA. We had picked GA Soy Chicken & Rice, which seemed to be the most popular choice with our readers, along with the Wood-ear Mushroom with Black Vinegar as the side of choice.

We were really impressed by how large the Soy Chicken was. Like many other comfort foods, it wasn’t too complicated with just three main ingredients: rice, chicken and cabbage. The chicken was tender, had subtle hints of herbs and it wasn’t too oily or soggy. Paired with the very tangy and slightly spicy wood-ear mushroom, the meal reminded us of a lovingly home-cooked meal, which is what GA (家常), roughly translates to.

Spoonful Meal in SingaporeSpoonful Meals currently retails via the Foodpanda delivery platform. Corporate orders can be made via the Spoonful app, which will be officially launched in November 2019.

Two more brands in the pipeline at Spoonful Meals in Singapore: Sesami and JOMO, which serve Japanese bento boxes and vegan fast-food respectively.

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