Sentosa’s Marine ConservAction Programme: Have Your Own Beach Clean-Up + Redeem A Sandcastle Kit

Sentosa’s Marine ConservAction Programme: Have You Own Beach Clean-Up + Redeem A Sandcastle Kit
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Most people think of Sentosa as a place filled with sandy beaches and leisure attractions. However, did you know that Sentosa has a new Marine ConservAction programme that allows a visit to be turned into an educational experience too?

Sentosa’s Marine ConservAction programme allows families to learn about conservation with a beach clean-up. In addition to picking up litter, participants can pick up a lesson or two about protecting the natural environment.

Our Experience at Sentosa’s Marine ConservAction

Sentosa Marine ConservAction

Recently, my 6-year-old and I trooped off to Sentosa’s Siloso beach for a preview of the Marine ConservAction programme. It was heartening to see how enthusiastic my preschooler was about doing his part for the environment.

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First, we were briefed about the marine life found off Sentosa’s waters and land.

For example, did you know hawksbill turtles sometimes nest at Sentosa’s beaches? To help with the conservation of these wild turtles, Sentosa partners NParks to help incubate the eggs, raising the potential for survival.

When hatched, the hawksbill hatchlings are then released back onto the beach where they instinctively head back out to sea.

Sentosa’s Marine ConservAction

Next, we had the opportunity to play our part in keeping our waters and beaches clean by picking up litter off the beach.

We were given long metal tongs for the picking of trash and then led to the beach.

All natural items like branches, shells were to be left on the beach while man-made items have to be picked up. Sentosa’s beaches are generally quite clean but we still came across wrappers, lots of cigarette butts and plenty of random plastic or Styrofoam bits.

The Result of the Beach Clean-up at Sentosa

Beach Clean-up at Sentosa

After a mere fifteen minutes, we got the trash weighed and it came in at 300g. This consisted mostly of cigarette butts, a result that was consistent with what most beach clean-ups found.

Our guide then highlighted how trash is processed in Singapore. Pulau Semakau, off the southern coast of Singapore is currently used as a landfill. However, with the landfill filling up, it was a grim reminder of why recycling and re-using is important.

Participating in Marine ConservAction and Redeeming a Sandcastle Building Kit

Participating in Marine ConservAction and Redeeming a Sandcastle Building Kit

Sentosa’s Marine ConservAction programme is a chance for young children to learn about conservation in a hands-on manner. The cost to participate is $25 for a maximum of five persons.

Little Day Out readers who wish to participate in the Marine ConservAction programme can redeem a free sandcastle building set to complement their trash-picking experience.

To do so, head to this booking page, enter in the promo code MCxLDO and apply it.

You will see the option pop up for “Marine ConservAction Tour (5pax) with a free sandcastle building kit for every child”. You can proceed to book this option.

Once you have completed the beach clean-up, you redeem the free sandcastle building set at the Fun Shop, Beach Station.

You can then have fun using the sandcastle building set to make lovely sandcastle on the freshly cleaned beach!

Find out more about Sentosa Marine ConservAction Tour. The programme runs till May 2021.

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