Sengkang Playgrounds: Pirate Ships, Cows, Mangrove Roots & More

Sengkang Playgrounds: Pirate Ships, Cows, Mangrove Roots & More
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When it comes to Sengkang playgrounds, there are many different ones to choose from around the northeast Singapore neighbourhood. These Sengkang playgrounds offer a lot of play opportunities for children, making them the perfect place for families to spend some quality time together.

Here’s a look at some of the Sengkang playgrounds that you can find. 

Sengkang Playgrounds

Sengkang Sculpture Park Playground

Sengkang Sculpture Park Playground

Located at Sengkang Sculpture Park, this playground provides a place where kids can have some fun outdoors. 

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Where: 290A Compassvale Cres, Singapore 541290

Ship Playgrounds at Compassvale Crescent

Ship Playground at Compassvale Crescent

Replacing the previous shipwreck playground is a new three-masted, two-level ship playground that kids can enjoy. 

Toddler Pirate Ship Playground in Sengkang

Close by, there is a second smaller ship playground so that younger kids can get in on the action too.

Where: 286C Sengkang E Rd, Singapore 545047

Pirate Base Playground

Sengkang Playground - Pirate Base Playground

Every pirate need a good base. Close to the two pirate ships at Sengkang 286C, you will find a pirate base playground at Block 289B.

Where: 289B Sengkang E Rd

Mini Treehouse

Mini Treehouse

Over at Anchorvale Crescent, kids can have fun exploring a playground with a treehouse and an obstacle course. 

Where: 338 Anchorvale Cres, Singapore 543336

Sengkang Riverside Park Playground

Sengkang Riverside Park Playground: Shaded Play Spot & Hedge Tunnel

This shaded Sengkang playground offers a play spot at the top of a hillside at Sengkang Riverside Park. It also has nature-based elements like paths. 

Where: 3 Anchorvale Cres, Singapore 544618

Anchorvale Plains Playground

Anchorvale Plains Playground

This playground has an interesting climbing structure that looks like a runaway hot air balloon along with some other features including a parent-child swing. What we like about this Anchorvale playground in Sengkang is the openness of the playground. 

Anchorvale Playground

Close by, there is smaller wooden playground for toddlers too. 

Where: 356A Anchorvale Lane, Singapore 541356

Fernvale Riverbow Playground

There are several interesting play structures here at the Fernvale Riverbow playground.

Where: 416 Fernvale Link, Singapore 792416

Mangrove Playground at Fernvale Rivergrove

Mangrove Playground at Fernvale Rivergrove

Inspired by the roots of mangrove, the Fernvale playground at Fernvale Rivergrove is a popular one even though small in size. 

Where: Block 418C

Climbing Sphere Playground

Climbing Sphere Playground

Located above the car park, this Sengkang playground not only has a climbing sphere but other play equipment like a set of forest-themed bars and stepping stones. 

Where: Block 416B

Fernvale Rivergrove Playground

Fernvale Rivergrove Playground

With climbing walls and slides, this Sengkang West playground offers many different opportunities for kids to play.

Block 472 Sengkang West Playground

Another playground with similar features can also be found at Block 472.

Where: 470b Fernvale Link, Singapore 792470

Fernvale Acres

Cow Playground at Fernvale Acres

The cow playground at Fernvale Acres is such an interestingly themed play spot in Sengkang. You can enjoy climbing on top of the wooden structures and have fun with make believe at this Sengkang playground. 

Where: Block 402 Fernvale Lane, Singapore 791402

Mangrove and Toddler Playgrounds 

Mangrove and Toddler Playgrounds 

When we visited this Sengkang West playground on the car park rooftop on 30 November 2023, the mangrove-themed play equipment was still not yet opened. There are several toddler playgrounds around the large roof garden.

Where: Block 402 Fernvale Lane

CompassOne Water Playground

Compass One Playground

Inside CompassOne, you will a water playground on the rooftop, offering fun for kids who can splash about its different sprays and swoosh down the slides.

Where: CompassOne

Sengkang Grand Mall

Sengkang Grand Mall Playground

Over at Sengkang Grand Mall, there are two playgrounds including one at street level, which makes it highly accessible kids.

Where: Sengkang Grand Mall

The Seletar Mall Playground

The Seletar Mall Playground: Play Spot In The Corner

Head into The Seletar Mall and there is a small little playground on the rooftop. Alternatively, there is also a paid indoor playground too, Sunshine Childhood Playland.

Where: The Seletar Mall

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