Sembawang Confectionery: Traditional Cake Shop At Beach Road

Sembawang Confectionary: Traditional Cake Shop At Beach Road
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First things first. Sembawang Confectionery is not Sembawang. Instead, it is a traditional bakery which still serves old-style, nostalgic cakes at Beach Road.

Traditional Cake Shop at Beach Road

The cake shop has a long history. According to the shop’s Facebook page, it opened way back in 1968 at Jalan Leban in the Sembawang Hills Estate. It remained there for 10 years before it shifted to Beach Road in 1978.

Sembawang Traditional Cake Shop

Occupying a ground floor unit at Block 6 Beach Road, Sembawang Confectionery is a short walk away from the Golden Mile Food Centre. You can identify it by its small shopfront by the red signboard hanging over the entrance. At the rear of the unit is the bakery where all the confectionaries get baked.

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Buns and Breads at Sembawang Confectionary

Inside, there is a selection of bread and buns available. These include buns like Chicken Char Siew Bun ($1.30) to Curry Buns ($1.30) to Blueberry Buns ($1.50), all individually packed and wrapped.

Old School Cakes

Sembawang Confectionery also has some nostalgic cakes and confections which are proudly displayed on the case facing out of shopfront.

Cakes from Sembawang Confectionary

Some of the cakes include Swiss rolls, sliced and placed on their side and dressed with jam on top and finished off with cream around the edge. The blueberry one looked especially very nostalgic to us.

Butter Cream Horn

Another hard-to-find confection which is sold at Sembawang Confectionery is butter cream horn. These pastries are filled with decadent butter cream. It also sells rum balls and variations with rainbow sprinkles.


You also buy bottles of kaya at this old-school bakery.

Traditional cake box

Even the boxes which the pastries get packed in feels nostalgic. These pink boxes have a thoughtful greeting “Specially for For” written on them.

Ordering from Sembawang Confectionery

Sembawang Confectionery is also on Oddle for those who wish to place an order online.

If you want to visit, its address is Block 6, #01-4869, Singapore 190006.

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