Science Centre Singapore: 9 Must-See Highlights To Get Your Geek On

8 Must-See Highlights At Science Centre Singapore
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“Can we go to the Science Centre?”

Children in Singapore would definitely have visited Science Centre at least once, and adults too grew up visiting Science Centre. Over the years, the Science-centric museum has also grown and evolved. If you have been thinking of visiting, here are the top 8 highlights to check out!

Even if you have visited them, the exhibitions always provide fresh insights in everything related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Highlights and What To See At Science Centre Singapore

1. Mind’s Eye at the Entrance

Mind’s Eye at the Entrance

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Right at the entrance to Science Centre, be boggled by the exhibits that play tricks in your head!

Apart from mirrors, interact with the exhibits that create optical illusions. Pop your head onto a plate of pasta or sit on a “tiny” chair. The immersive experience will keep any child laughing and amused at what they see or what they think they see.

2. Future Makers Engineering Exhibition

Future Makers Engineering Exhibition

Head upstairs to Level 2 for the Future Makers exhibition – dedicated to the Engineers.

This was one of our favourite exhibitions because it had a very cool Future Makers Object Theatre show, an escape room as well as a drone and rover practice arena.

Learn about the roles of engineers

Learn about the roles of engineers who make our lives better through various kinds of engineering – food, structures, medicines and more.

Engineers such as James Dyson – the man behind the revolutionary Dyson vacuum cleaner, Manu Prakash – the inventor of a paper microscope, Jean Roeder – Airbus lead engineer, Michel Virlogeux – Structural Engineer who helped make the sky bridge.

On each of the information panels, visitors can solve puzzles to find out some of the thought processes of the engineer as well as the final solution.

“trapped” in a large vault

By solving the puzzles, you will get some numbers which will gain you access to the escape room! We highly recommend this as you will get a chance to experience being “trapped” in a large vault and seemingly whisked to a space shuttle for a brief moment.

drones and rovers

Those into drones and rovers will want to check out the practice arena to try their hands on the rovers and drones.

3. Earth Alive, Hall B

Earth Alive, Hall B

To find out more about forces and processes that cause changes on Earth, visit Earth Alive to experience a typhoon, an earthquake and learn how to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

Look up to see GAIA a globe installation featuring NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface.

NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface

Created in partnership with the Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU, the exhibition has very engaging components that allow one to try an AR sandbox to make the connection between elevation and contour lines, experience an earthquake in the Survivor Theatre, head into the eye of the Typhoon and also learn how to build and balance structures that can withstand natural disasters.

4. Know Your Poo, Hall B

Know Your Poo

A stinky subject no doubt, but a very fun one that is dedicated to our human waste, toilets and sanitisation.

At Know Your Poo, see the evolution of toilets, experience being flushed, see the different shapes and types of poo that indicates your health and diet and learn why farts stink!

5. Laser Maze Challenge, Hall A

Laser Maze Challenge, Hall A

Unleash your inner ninja and go through the laser maze either alone or team up!

There are more than 50 laser beams to avoid. This was great fun especially when family members pit themselves against each other.

6. Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze, Hall A

Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze, Hall A

Right next to the laser maze challenge is the popular mirror maze!

The labyrinth of mirrors might be intimidating, but fear not when you are armed with a pool noodle! Poke your way through the maze, you might still be really confused but that’s the whole fun of being in a maze!

Check out the dynamic chromatology shadow splitter to create differently coloured shadows!

7. Phobia2: The Science of Fear, Hall B

Phobia2: The Science of Fear, Hall B

Are you scared of the dark? Or spiders? Or the supernatural?

Learn the science behind phobia and fear at the exhibition that is dedicated to the things that people fear. Learn the historical, cultural, psychology and physiology of fear. And perhaps the fear will go away!

Ready to take an elevator ride that might give you a good scare? Or slip into a coffin? Try if you dare.

8. Smart Nation PlayScape, Hall F

Smart Nation PlayScape, Hall F

Here’s the place to find out more about biometrics, robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence, bitcoins and other important tech trends. Perhaps more suited for older children, the trends are presented in a digestible way with fun interactives.

Learn how Singapore will be a Smart Nation using various digital technologies. You can also try out biometric technology that deciphers your emotions based on your expressions.

9. Climate Action Show

Highlights and What To See At Science Centre Singapore

This, in my view, is a must-watch at Science Centre. As you enter Hall B, look for a huge barn on the right side. Show times are every half hour till 4pm daily except a break between 12 pm to 2.30 pm.

This is an immersive show that has lights, sounds, wind accompanying the “Change Agent Training” conducted by two sheep – Felicity, Sheepy and an AI machine called Bo.

It highlights the need to act upon global warming, issues caused by increase in temperatures and spurs us – the Change Agents to act. Prepared to be wow-ed by its interactivity and the highly animated sheep that are super climate-saavy.

Exhibits at Science Centre to Check Out

If you need to find a reason to travel to Science Centre, we gave you so many good reasons!

Rain or shine, Science Centre Singapore is a great destination to be since the family will appreciate the air-conditioned indoors in our tropical heat.

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