SAFRA Swim for Hope: Why One Father Is Participating In This Charity Swim Again

SAFRA Swim for Hope: Why One Father Is Participating In This Charity Swim Again
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SAFRA’s Swim For Hope 2018 takes place from 12 to 14 October 2018 at SAFRA Jurong, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun clubs.

This annual charity event raises funds for three beneficiaries – the Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN), Singapore Children’s Society and the Singapore Armed Forces Care Fund.

Go Swimming – Achievement Unlocked!

During the Friday-to-Sunday event, all participants have to do is go swimming – and every lap is a step closer towards unlocking a donation milestone with all proceeds raised going to beneficiaries.

50,000 laps will result in a donation of $25,000 and the top tier goal is to swim 400,000 laps to unlock a $200,000 donation for beneficiaries.

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Everyone Can Make a Difference – Individuals, Families and Juniors

SAFRA’s Swim for Hope has an Open category for individuals and a Parent-and-Child category for families to participate in together.

This year, a new Junior category has been introduced for children between the ages of 6 to 12 – who want to swim even without their parents swimming beside them.

The charity swim is a meaningful way for anyone – no matter what age – to get involved. It also provides an opportunity for families and children to make a difference to the lives of the beneficiaries.

One such person who has been making a difference for the past few years is Akeem Khoo, 46, an Assistant Manager in a well-being company.

Together with his son Marcus, 12, Akeem has participated in SAFRA’s Swim for Hope for the last three years and will be participating in this year’s charity swim again.

We ask Akeem to tell us more about his experience participating in SAFRA’s Swim for Hope.

Little Day Out Interview with Akeem Khoo, Swim for Hope Participant

Akeem Khoo with his friends at SAFRA Swim for HopeWhy did you choose to participate in Swim for Hope again this year?

Why not? It’s for charity and it is good fun.

Why did your son, Marcus, sign up for this year’s Swim for Hope 2018?

He has done the swim two years in a row and he wanted to do it one more time before he no longer qualifies for the parent-and-child category. He asked if I’m willing to do the swim with him and I said “why not”.

What do you and your family enjoy most about the event?

It is a gathering of like-minded people. Many of those whom we have met at Swim for Hope through the years have become friends and we enjoy this yearly get-together.

What was one memorable experience that you had during Swim for Hope?

When we first participated in the parent-and-child category two years ago, we discovered that we are in contention for a top 3 position. This news brought joy to my son’s face and for the next 2 weeks, he would tell anyone and everyone who was willing to listen about his achievement.

How do you think Swim for Hope has benefited your children and why has it been a meaningful event for your family?

During National Service, I was taught in my unit to never give up – even when faced with physical or mental challenges. During SAFRA’s Swim for Hope, you get a chance to take on a physical challenge and try to excel in it.

Each year, before the event, I ask my family to set individual goals. Furthermore, the goal has to be a stretch goal, but at the same time, something I know they are physically able to do. Then, during the event, everyone tries their best to achieve their goal – all in good fun.

This has taught my kids to plan ahead and to work towards a target.

What’s more, it allows kids to develop their physical abilities and learn to do good for the less fortunate.

Get Involved in SAFRA Swim for Hope

To find out more about SAFRA Swim for Hope 2018 and how you can be a part of the meaningful event as well, visit the event website here.

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