Popular Shar Pei Puppy Cakes Now on Sale in Singapore

Puppy Cakes Now on Sale in Singapore
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Have your kids been clamouring for a dog? Now, it’s easy to get your hands (and mouth) on a Shar Pei puppy for them right here in Singapore.

Shar Pei Dog on a PlatterThe lifelike, puppy-shaped Shar Pei gelato served at J.C. Co Art Kitchen in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has arrived in the form of a chocolate mousse and sponge cake at Nouveau, a castella cake shop at Hillion Mall in Bukit Panjang.

Shar Pei Puppy Cake in SingaporeWith its deep wrinkles and adorable puppy-dog eyes, the sight of the realistic Shar Pei chocolate cakes makes your heart melt rather than your mouth drool.

Hot Dogs, Hot Cakes

Why have Shar Pei puppy cakes in Singapore?

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Khim Tan, Owner of NouveauSaid Mr Khim Tan, owner-baker of the 10-month old Nouveau, “The puppy-shaped ice cream has been a hot Internet sensation. I’m always on the lookout to do something new and different, so I got hold of the mould through my suppliers in Taiwan and decided to make them into a mousse cake.”

Mr Tan believes he’s the first in Singapore to produce these cute-looking Shar Peis. Since the launch three weeks ago, the lovable puppies have been selling like hot cakes.

Puppy Love

e04 PromotionalPosterWith the “If you love me, please take me home” adoption appeal on its promotional posters, it’s no surprise that over 10 Shar Pei cakes have been finding new homes (in tummies) daily.

Dog Cakes over MooncakesEach Shar Pei pup is about 13 cm long and is being sold at a promotional price of $9.90 (usual price $13). For now, only this rare Chinese dog breed is available. They currently sit coolly on shelves guarding the mooncake sponge-balls in multiple flavours.

Nouveau Castella CakesNouveau started by selling castella cakes, more commonly known as the traditional Amah cakes. It offers interesting flavours like Crystal Lychee, Mango Passion and Green Tea Red Bean.

Nouveau Bakery and Cake ShopWe tried the Chocolate Oreo and the newest pandan coconut Ondeh Ondeh flavoured castella cake at the counter and they were yummy. Other fascinating concoctions include a Honey Cheese Sea Salt Lava Cake.

Puppy Cakes in Singapore

Top View of Shar Pei Puppy CakeBack to the real dog cake world, this puppy-shaped cake in Singapore is probably going to be the hardest cake you will ever have to eat.

Poodle vs Shar Pei
“Are you for real?” Poodle asks Shar Pei puppy cake.

For now, our baby Shar Pei is sitting safely in the fridge. We simply can’t imagine beheading it.

Can you bear to eat this Shar Pei Puppy Cake?
Can you bear to eat this Shar Pei Puppy Cake?

Perhaps, we should freeze it up and let the kids enjoy a peek of it from time to time.



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#01-23 Hillion Mall
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