Funsiamo: Bake Your Cake And Eat It Too!

Funsiamo: Bake Your Own Fun
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Ever seen cakes, tarts and other gorgeous pastries and told yourself, “I wish I could do that!”? At Funsiamo, you can bake your cake, make it looks “insta-worthy” and eat it too.

Funsiamo, Baking Studio in SingaporeFunsiamo is Taiwan’s leading DIY baking studio and it now has an outlet in Singapore. The name comes from the words “Fun” in English and “we are” in Italian. Together, it means “Let’s Have Fun Together!”.

At Funsiamo, a class can be a bonding activity or even a date idea. Up to two persons can work on one cake at a time.

Bake a cake at Funsiamo SingaporeFunsiamo offers flexible booking schedules and a vast library of recipes to choose from. These range from classics like chocolate cake and fruit tarts to exciting bakes like Hokkaido milk cakes. There are also instagrammable unicorn and rainbow cakes!

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Their recipes cater to different levels of baking experience. The ingredients are clearly stated so that you can identify which best suits your dietary preference. All ingredients and tools are supplied by the studio. You just need to show up and start baking!

We were invited down to their newly opened space in Suntec City Mall and had a go at baking the gorgeous Volrhona Chocolate Banana Cake.

Getting Down to Baking

Funsiamo Baking StudioAs we stepped into Funsiamo, it felt like we had taken over a celebrity chef’s kitchen for the day! The space is well-stocked with professional kitchen equipment, a variety of baking utensils to make Jamie Oliver proud and ingredients laid out and waiting for us.

The baking experience at Fusiamo is very much self-guided. This lends credibility to being able to say that you baked the cake on your own!

Choosing a cake at Funsiamo SingaporeWe first watched a video tutorial on the iPad at our workstation. This provided an overview of this seemingly daunting task.

The video was artistically shot and easy-to-follow. The interface of the instructional sheet was simple to navigate and even had popup windows of a visual representation of the items that you need.

For our bake, the refrigerated ingredients were found in a fridge no farther than 10 steps away from the workspace!

Step by Step

The first step was to preheat the oven.

Ovens at Funsiamo, Suntec CityThe ovens were very easy to use and we liked how they were set at different heights to cater to bakers of all different heights! No more having to tiptoe or carry the kids to see how the cakes are doing!

Getting the ingredients readyAll the ingredients were prepared, within reach and clearly marked. Even the egg whites and yolks were separated.

Measuring out ingredientsAll we needed to do was to measure what we needed!

Making meringueOur cake required us to make meringue. Experienced bakers will know that you can easily over or under beat the egg whites. If this occurs, it would mean having to repeat the whole painful process of separating and measuring out the eggs again.

At Funsiamo, we not only had the video tutorial which gave a clear visual representation of how the meringue should look like and the pre-separated eggs, but we were also able to ask for help from the friendly staff who were available to advise us along the way.

Baking at FunsiamoThe end result – our meringues turned out perfect!

Make It Your Own!

Assembling the cakeAfter a fair bit of mixing, waiting and layering, we were finally ready for our favourite part of cake-making – the decorating!

Layering like a pro!An important step to making a cake look good is ensuring that the cream gets layered on correctly and smoothly. After receiving some tips from the staff, we got down to doing it on our own.

Decoring the cakeThankfully, the piping bags were really easy to use and very soon we were decorating like a pro! All we needed was to use our imagination to beautify the cake.

Cake baked!After a few hours of “hard work” and fun, we were finally able to step back and admire our final product!

Delicious cake - all done!And, we have to say we think we did a pretty good job!

After taking the pictures, you will be able to bring the cake back in a beautifully packaged box. We were sure to take a bite of our masterpiece before it was packed – it was delicious!

If you wish to express your gratitude or appreciation for that special someone, or even just have a special day out, we believe that a visit to Funsiamo would be a wonderful way to do so. We hope to be able to have a hand at some of their other recipes soon!

Funsiamo Singapore at Suntec CityFunsiamo SG

Where: Suntec City North Wing #02-458

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