Chinese New Year 2018 Craft: Ang Pow Dog For The Year Of The Dog

Ang Pow Craft Dogs
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Chinese New Year 2018 falls on 16 February. As every year, the kids get all excited about the celebrations. And why not? There are yummy snacks to munch on at every home, other kids to play with, and lots of ang pows to pocket! Besides facilitating the little ones’ get-rich-quick plan, ang pows are also great for crafts with them. Here is an easy ang pow craft for the Year of the Dog that you can do with your little ones.

Ang Pow Craft For The Year Of The Dog: Origami Doggie

Ang Pow Dog

This Year of the Dog, pay tribute to man’s best friend with this easy origami craft.

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What you’ll need:

  • Ang pow (long type): For this craft, it’s best to use ang pows with a colourful design or graphic pattern that extends all the way to the corners
  • Marker
  • Crepe paper and glue for decorations (optional)

Follow these steps:

1. Open up the ang pow, cut off the flaps, and fold two diagonal lines across it. Trim off any excess so you get a perfect square.

Unfolded ang pow

2. Rotate the ang pow till you have the diagonal lines forming an “X”, with the original fold line of the ang pow sitting horizontal across. Fold the top two corners in as pictured. These will be the ears of the doggie.

Folding the dog origami3. Fold backwards along the diagonal lines till the overall shape becomes a triangle.

Folding the dog origami from an angpowCrafting the dog origami from an angpow4. Fold the two protruding corners backwards following the shape of the ears.

Fold the ears5. Fold the bottom corner upwards as shown.

Dog origami for Chinese New Year 20186. Use the marker to draw eyes, a nose (using the tip of the corner that you just turned up), and a mouth, and your cute doggie is ready for display! The resulting corners at the back double up as stands that prop the dog up at just the right angle.

Dog Ang Pow Craft7. You can also decorate your doggie with a bow, flowers, pom poms, and even a cut-out of a bone!

Ang Pow Craft Dogs

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