PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist: Go On An Epic Adventure Inside A Dragon’s Mouth

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It is not every day that kids get to enter a dragon’s mouth but that is exactly what they can do at PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist, the Esplanade’s first show of PLAYtime! 2019.

The Dragon’s Dentist is filled with interactive props and vibrant music, making it ideal for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. It runs at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from 1 to 17 March 2019.

Be a Dentist for a Day

Meet Master (left) and Toothy (right) in The Dragon's Dentist.
Meet Master (left, played by Yazid Jalil) and Toothy (right, played by Tan Rui Shan) in The Dragon’s Dentist.

Master is the Dragon’s Dentist and responsible for keeping Dragon’s teeth clean and healthy. Toothy is Master’s apprentice, learning how to care for Dragon’s dental hygiene, with hopes of becoming the Dragon’s Dentist one day.

Bactee the Bacteria (played by Cheryl Kim)
Bactee the Bacteria (played by Cheryl Kjm)

All is well until Bactee the Bacteria appears. Toothy befriends Bactee but Master disapproves of their friendship. This leaves Toothy with a decision to make and her choice results in consequences for Dragon’s teeth.

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Overcoming One’s Fears, Embracing New Experiences

PLAYtime! The Dragon’s DentistPLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist is about courage, overcoming one’s fear and embracing new experiences.

These themes are presented through fun experiences that speak to young audiences.

As an interactive theatre show that encourages learning through the performing arts, PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist will have the audience brushing along to keep Dragon’s mouth clean and even helping to treat Dragon’s toothache.

The audience will be seated inside the dragon’s mouth – an unique treat that is sure to get kids all abuzz!

Musicians Vick Low (on cello) and Ang Zhi Hui (on keyboards) will be providing 'live' music during the show.
Musicians Vick Low (cello) and Ang Zhi Hui (keyboards) will be providing the live music for The Dragon’s Dentist.

There will be puppets, props and live music used during the show, making PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist a multi-sensory experience for young ones, even those as young as 0 years old.

Sensory-friendly Performances

To ensure that as wide an audience as possible gets to enjoy The Dragon’s Dentist, Esplanade will be staging sensory-friendly performances of the all-new show on Friday, 15 March, and Saturday, 16 March 2019.

These performances have been especially tailored to provide a welcoming environment for children who are on the autism spectrum or who have sensory sensitivities.

PLAYtime! 2019 Season Pass Specials

You can count on PLAYtime! series by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay to present value-drive, high-quality content for children up to 6 years old.

In addition to The Dragon’s Dentist, two other shows have been lined up for the PLAYtime! 2019 season, one in May and another in August.

PLAYtime! ShaggyPLAYtime! Shaggy and the Trims in May 2019 is about being different and fitting in while PLAYtime! Us, which will be held in August 2019, introduces themes of friendship and acts of kindness.

The best way to take your child to watch all three PLAYtime! 2019 shows is to buy a PLAYtime! Season Pass. First, become a member of PIP’s Club (it’s free!) and then purchase a minimum of two tickets for each of the PLAYtime! 2019 shows before 17 March 2019. PIP’s Club members enjoy 10% savings for two or more tickets.

The first 200 Season Pass transactions will receive a free PIP watch worth $18. So be sure to purchase your tickets early.

The full terms and conditions for the PLAYtime! 2019 Season Pass promotion can be found here.

Book Your Tickets To PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist

Tickets for PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist are priced at just $20 each and on sale now at the Esplanade website. Book early to avoid disappointment and have a magical adventure inside a dragon’s mouth this March 2019!

PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist

1 to 17 Mar 2019
40 mins (no intermission)
Esplanade Theatre Studio
Admission for ages 0 and above. Recommended for children aged 2 to 6.
Ticket price: $20 per ticket. Tickets required for all, including infant-in-arms
Advisory: Audience will be seated on the floor.

Regular shows:
Weekday Timings:
9.30 am & 11 am (except 6 Mar*)
(no shows on 4, 5, 11, 12 & 15 Mar)

*6 Mar, Wed: 9.30 am, 11 am & 2 pm

Weekend Timings:
11 am & 4 pm (except 16 Mar**)
**16 Mar, Sat: 4 pm

Sensory-friendly shows:
15 & 16 Mar 2019, Fri & Sat
11 am & 2 pm
Sensory friendly performance provides a welcoming and relaxed environment for children, and is particularly suited for those on the autism spectrum or with sensory sensitivities.


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NINJA CHALLENGE: Bring your A-game for a Day of Sporty Fun at this Mall

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