Playground Maker Designs World’s First Pole Vaulting Playground Equipment

KOMPAN Pole Vault Playground
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For kids who enjoy seeking the adrenaline rush, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of soaring through the air. Many achieve this by going high on a swing, but company KOMAPAN takes this to greater heights by designing the Cliff Rider, the world’s first pole vaulting playground equipment.

“It feels like jumping from cliff to cliff!” are some of the comments that were made by kids who tried the Cliff Rider. Allowing kids to jump from one platform to another at a height of eight feet (about 2.5m), the Cliff Rider introduces the activity of vaulting from one platform to another in a safe way.

Safety Features In The Pole Vaulting Playground

KOMPAN Pole Vault Playground Jumping

There are multiple safety features included in ensuring that this play equipment is safe for little ones to try. Some features include a non-skid surface that ensures full control on the takeoff and landing plateau, as well as a multiple grip handle that allows the child to choose how to best hold on tight.

Besides being a physical challenge the cliff rider also challenges children to figure out how to vault from one plateau to another and also gather up the courage to take the leap. The equipment allows up to four friends to vault across at the same time, thus letting kids reply on one another for moral support to try new things.

Multiple Climbing Options In The Pole Vaulting Playground

For those who aren’t brave enough to try the Cliff Rider immediately, the designers at KOMPAN ensure that there are ample climbing options and climbing cleats on poles as well as the fireman’s pole, to let kids have a variety of activities to try.

KOMPAN Pole Vault Playground Kids

This play equipment is available for integration into a public playground space and we hope to see the Cliff Rider in our local playgrounds soon!