PeopleUp Singapore Launches A COVID-19 Learnbook For Singapore Households

PeopleUp Singapore Launches A COVID-19 Learnbook For Singapore Households
Image: PeopleUp Singapore
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In response to the COVID-19 situation, kids enrichment group PeopleUp Singapore has launched a 50-page children’s “learnbook” entitled ‘Learning through Covid-19’. This book is aimed at Singaporean children between the ages of 4 to12.

“Tough times are the best times to help children build greater resilience to face the uncertainties of life. As a company dedicated to children’s enrichment and play, we were looking for a way to bring smiles to their faces during this difficult period. We decided to do what we do best – educating and exciting kids – through a beautifully illustrated book that helps them comprehend how the entire nation is working together to keep its citizens safe and how children can also play a part,” said Chris Tan, Chief Executive Officer of PeopleUp.

PeopleUp Singapore’s Learning through Covid-19 Book

The “Learning through Covid-19” book provides a Singapore perspective on the COVID-19 situation and response.

PeopleUp Singapore's Learning through Covid-19 Book
Image: PeopleUp Singapore

It encourages critical thinking about social consciousness and also includes activities such as colouring pages.

How to Get a Copy

PeopleUp Singapore has printed 50,000 copies of the “Learning through Covid-19” book. One copy will be available for free to households of Singapore residents. Households will need to register for it through the PeopleUp Singapore website.

There will be a delivery charge of $4.99 per household.

There is the option of free delivery if the household listens to a healthier lifestyle rewards programme sharing session by an insurance partner.

Non-profit organisations that work with disadvantaged children can write to PeopleUp Singapore to request for free copies of the book.

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