COVID-19 Journal: Keeping Track Of Historic Times

COVID-19 Journal: Keeping Track Of Historic Times
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To say that we are living in unusual times would be an understatement. Even for those of us who have lived through SARS, the current coronavirus situation is many times more serious. These times are something which we are unlikely to forget. At the same time, keeping a COVID-19 journal is one way to capture how we are feeling and, perhaps, can even be a bit cathartic.

Keeping a Journal for COVID-19 Period

We’ve put together a COVID-19 journal for children (and even parents) to use to capture how they are feeling and moments in this period in history. There will be a time when we will be able to look back and know that we got through these historic times together.

The COVID-19 Journal is intended to help kids capture and make sense of this moment in time.

The journal has a total of 17 pages. You can print out them out and use them as templates to keep track of this period in time. You can also re-print additional sets of certain pages if you need to. Start a binder and use these to keep track of what you do.

Please share this page with others so that they can also download and make use of the journal.

Download the journal here.

COVID-19 Journal: Keeping Track Of Unprecedented Times