Paragon Playground: Play Spot for Junior Along Orchard Road

Paragon Playground
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Within the swanky Paragon shopping mall along Orchard Road, the Paragon Playground is a highly popular play spot for children.

Paragon Playground For Junior

Found at the shopping mall’s fifth floor, the Paragon Playground is right at home amidst the many children’s stores on the same floor.

The Paragon Playground itself isn’t very large. Located in a sectioned off area, the playground has one main play structure.

Paragon Junior Children's PlaygroundAt one end of this play structure is a set of green stairs leading up to an elevated platform. From this platform, a curved orange open slide provides a quick way to return to the ground.

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Two tunnels, one beige and the other red, link this end of the play structure to a platform at the other end. The tunnels’ exterior look like a pair of wavy tentacles. These tunnels have little “portholes” for kids to peek out from.

At the second platform, another orange slide provides kids with alternative way down.

The Paragon Playground is topped off with two extended poles with what looks like red petals at the ends of them.

Paragon PlaygroundAlso at the Paragon Playground are some animal-shaped teeter-totters. Kids can rock away, back-and-forth, on these little one-person seesaws.

The Paragon Playground is designed for children between two and six years old. Kids must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Before entering the playground’s soft padded area, children must remove their shoes.

No food or drink is allowed within the playground area.

Besides the Children’s Playground, other amusements for kids at the Paragon shopping mall include coin-operated machines found around the fifth floor.

And, of course, kids will be eager to browse around for toys at the shops located around the Paragon Playground. These include stores such as The Better Toy Store, Growing Fun and Toys ‘R Us.

Paragon Junior Children’s Playground

Opening Hours: 10 am to 9 pm, daily
Admission: Free

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