One Holland Village: Pet-Friendly Mall Inspired By Surrounding Shophouses & Streets

One Holland Village: Pet-Friendly Mall Inspired By Surrounding Shophouses & Streets
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One Holland Village has opened to the public on 1 December 2023 and it has a mix of shops, restaurants and food, and spaces set in an almost-village like atmosphere.

Overview of One Holland Village

Overview of One Holland Village

Juxtaposed next to the shophouses of Holland Village, One Holland Village is a new mall housing restaurants and eateries along with shops and services. 

The “longish” mall stretches out from behind the Holland Village Food Centre and Market till the end of Lorong Mambong that joins up with Holland Road. 

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One Holland Village Layout

The One Holland Village shops and restaurants are spread out over three storeys.

Just a note upfront: many of the shops and restaurants at One Holland Village are still in the midst of opening. 

You will find the shops are centred around several courtyards. These give the mall an open feel and atmosphere. 

Another thing that strikes you can you walk around the mall is how wide the corridors are between shops. 

It almost reminds us of Australian malls like Watertown in Perth. The layout with different nooks and crannies along with interesting shops is even reminiscent of Ssamzigil in Insadong, Seoul.

The layout and design also saves on the need to air-condition the place since air flows freely through the mall.

The first and second floors consist mainly of restaurants and food outlets.

The supermarket, CS Fresh, is also found on the first floor. 

You will find services, such as dental services, on the third floor.

The fourth floor is an open area with spaces that appear to be able to be booked. 

One Holland Village Food and Restaurants

One Holland Village Food and Restaurants

Here’s a closer look at the One Holland Village food options and restaurants. Take note than many of them are still in the midst of opening in December 2023. 

Amongst the food outlets on the first floor of One Holland Village include the 23rd Din Tai Fung restaurant in Singapore, opening 6 December.  It is located close the Holland Village Market.

The interior of the Din Tai Fung at One Holland Village is adorned with wooden brick furnishings and traditional red lanterns to invoke the nostalgic charm of Taiwan’s alleyways and streets.

BreadTalk and Toast Box can be found across from Din Tai Fung. 

Pasta Play, Mr Coconut and other small shops at One Holland Village

Facing the Holland Village Market are smaller food outlet like Mr Coconut, Pasta Play and Potato Corner.

Venture further in and you will ExtraVirgin Pizza. It is one of several western food choices that are located on the first floor of One Holland Village.

Paris Baguette

Other outlets include Paris Baguette, Starbucks, Guzman Y Gomez, Preve and Beviamo (the last two was still in the midst of opening on 1 Dec).

There is also a Yatsudoki Chateriase Premium with seating (although very limited) at One Holland Village, along with Sourbombe and Baskin Robbins.

On the second floor, there are restaurants such as Ippudo and Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen.

Other One Holland Village food options on the second and third floors include Maze Soba Hototogisu, VietSmith, Sushi Tei, Paradise Classic, HipPot and Surrey Hills Grocer (last three coming soon).

Taiwan’s WushiLand Boba also has its first Singapore outlet at One Holland Village. 

One Holland Village Shops

One Holland Village Shops

Wondering what One Holland Village shops you can find at the mall?

There are shops like Gadget Mix and Sony on the second floor. AwhSome on the second floor also stocks some interesting gifts and games.

The Little Showcase, One Holland Village

Parents looking for party supplies and gifts may also be interested in visiting The Little Showcase on the second floor.

An interesting-looking store on the first floor is the Mini PitStop that is expected to open soon.

On Level 3, there are services such as facial salons and a TCM clinic. 

One Holland Village Spaces

The layout of One Holland Village provides many different spaces that can hold events and promotes a sense of community. 

One Holland Village Spaces

These include an atrium on the first level. 

Atrium Space in the One Holland Village Mall

There is another atrium space in the middle of the mall. 

Luncheon Meat Artwork

One quirky artwork on display here are supersized tins of canned food.  

Second floor space

On the second floor there is the Village Green, a community space next to Ippudo. 

One Holland Village Fouth Floor

The fourth floor of the mall has an open space known as the Village Commons with and seating areas.


However, the only playground equipment that we could find at One Holland Village were a set of garden playground swings next to BreadTalk. 

Wobbly Seats

There are some cool wobbly seats that are mounted on springs just down from the swings. 

The Artground @ One Holland Village: A Curious Place To Be In The West
Image: The Artground

Perhaps the reason for a lack of a mall playground is because One Holland Village is home to the second location of The Artground! This arts space for children between the ages of 0 to 9 can be found on Level 1, in a quiet corner of the mall, through a corridor close to CS Fresh and Chateraise Premium YATSUDOKI. Find out more about The Artground @ One Holland Village.

Pet lift

The mall is also designed to be pet friendly and there is a specially designated pet lift.

water dispensers for pets

Other pet-friendly amenities include a water dispenser for pets that can be found outside the CS Fresh on level one. 

diaper changing rooms at One Holland Village

Parents will also be able to find a nice and modern diaper changing room on the second floor of the mall, just next to the escalator close to CS Fresh.

Opening Activities in December

In the month of December, One Holland Village is holding various activities including a Christmas market, entertainment, festive workshops and performances. Get more details about One Holland Village’s opening activities.

Visiting One Holland Village 

One Holland Village is located at 7 Holland Village Way. Visit the One Holland Village website.

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