“No Left Turn” Maze In Singapore: How Fast Can You Solve It?

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It was a while back that we came across a right turn only maze while visiting A-mazing Margaret River while south of Perth. While we have been able to discover all sorts of mazes in Singapore, we could never find a right-turn only maze – until now. Except, it is called a No Left Turn Maze and can only be played with a finger.

No Left Turn Maze in Singapore

The No Left Turn Maze (or Right Turn Only Maze) in Singapore is hidden away in a quiet corner of the Kinetic Garden at Science Centre Singapore. In fact, it is at such a far corner of the Kinetic Garden that it is closer to KidsSTOP than it is to the main Science Centre building.

It can be found on the reserve side of a panel that is labelled Finger Labryinth.

What exactly is a no left turn maze? As described, you are only allowed to make right turns as you navigate your way around the maze puzzle, making your way from the starting point to the ending point.

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Right Turns Only, Please

No Left Turn Maze in Singapore 

At first glance, the maze looks deceptively easy. In fact, since you can see the entire layout of the no left turn maze on the board, it seems to be almost no challenge at all. There are two nodes which protrude from the squiggly lines that make up the maze. You should choose the right one as the starting point.

Starting from the right node, trace your way into the maze and see if you can reach the left node by either going straight or making only right turns.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, but it can be something fun to do and also gives your brain a simple task to complete – it is amazing how we can adapt to different parameters that are given to us, isn’t it?

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