Movie Review: Big Hero 6

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With action, heart, humour and a good storyline to boot, if you haven’t caught Big Hero 6 yet, make plans to do so soon.

Hiro Hamada is 14-year-old whizz kid who has a knack for building unique robots. He discovers Baymax, a lovable, marshmallow-looking robot created by his elder brother as a “Healthcare Companion”.

After an unfortunate turn of events, Hiro teams up with a group of misfits inventors to solve a personal mystery and deliver justice. The geeks turned crime-fighters include girl-on-wheels GoGo Tamago, laser specialist Wasabi, potions master Honey Lemon and surfer dude Fred. Together with BayMax, they form the super-hero team, Big Hero 6.

The film centres around the relationship between Hiro and BayMax. The latter takes on an almost-paternal role to the young protagonist. Together, and with the other four heroes, they find the resolve to face-off against a kabuki-mask wearing villain.

Expect brilliant action sequences and cuddly humour set against the cityscape of San Fransokyo. With its themes of friendship, courage and self-discovery, Big Hero 6 is one film that will leave you with a warm-fuzzy feeling as you leave the movie theatre.

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