McDonald’s Singapore Reopens With Contactless McDelivery, Drive-Thru & Takeaway From 11 May

McDonald’s Singapore Is Back With Contactless McDelivery, Drive-Thu & Takeaway From 11 May
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After abruptly closing a few weeks back, McDonald’s Singapore is reopening from Monday, 11 May 2020. Most of its outlets will be open from 7 am to 9 pm and only Drive-Thru, contactless McDelivery and takeaway services will be available during the Circuit Breaker period.

While you may be thinking of heading down to get your dose of McDonald’s from 11 May onwards, there are a few things that you need to know before doing so.

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McDonald’s Singapore Reopens 11 May – Updated Opening Hours

Most McDonald’s Singapore restaurants will be open from 7 am to 9 pm. Some locations even have reduced operating hours. There will no longer be 24-hour service during the Circuit Breaker. Therefore, take note that some McDonald’s restaurants will have different opening hours from the usual times.

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The list of McDonald’s restaurants reopening and their opening hours will be available on the McDonald’s website. You can also check on the Drive Thru locations that will be open from 11 May and the outlets’ updated operating hours here.

Furthermore, according to a post on the McDonald’s Facebook page, Dessert Kiosks and McCafe counters will continue to remain closed.

While many McDonald’s Singapore outlets will reopen on 11 May, those located in parks, tourist attractions and some institutions will remain closed.

New Measures for McDonald’s Takeaways

Those who are planning to head down to McDonald’s Singapore outlets for takeaway should also take note of new safety measure being put in place. These include temperature-taking, safe distancing guides and SafeEntry registration for contact tracing purposes.

McDelivery and GrabFood

McDelivery will go 100% contactless and only cashless payment will be accepted.

Be Patient

There are sure to be plenty of folks who will be happy to have McDonald’s Singapore opening on 11 May. However, it is important to bear in mind that there is no need to rush down to the reopened outlets.

Also, be sure to exercise patience, consideration and courtesy to fellow McDonald’s patrons.

On its reduced operating hours and staffing, McDonald’s Singapore explained, “We hope you’ll understand as this allows us to reduce the number of crew members in our restaurants and lets our more senior staff stay safely at home. Please be patient if it takes longer than usual for us to prepare your favourites.”

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