Walking The Lornie Nature Corridor: Park Connector From MacRitchie To Adam Road

Lornie Nature Corridor
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Lornie Nature Corridor is a 1.76 km long park connector which stretches along Lornie Road, by the fringe of the Central Catchment Area. It is part of the Lornie Road park connector which links up MacRitchie Reservoir Park to Adam Road and forms part of the Coast-to-Coast trail.

Walking the Lornie Nature Corridor

Lornie Nature Corridor Plaque

Unveiled on 21 November 2020, the Lornie Nature Corridor takes advantage of the fact that the majority of the traffic between Adam Road and Farrar Road now runs along the new Lornie Highway. This has left Lornie Road, once a busy throughway, with relatively less traffic.

Lornie Nature Corridor Walk

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The number of lanes along Lornie Road has been reduced, allowing for the Lornie Nature Corridor, a shared path for both cyclists, hikers and joggers, to be constructed.

Start of Lornie Nature Corridor

For those starting from MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the Lornie Road park connector can be found at the top of Reservoir Road, where Lornie Road and the new Lornie Highway intersect.

Nature along Lornie Road

Nature along Lornie Road

As part of the One Million Trees movement, NParks has been planting a cluster of new trees, adding to the buffer around the Central Catchment Area.

Trees along the Lornie Nature Corridor

Trees such as the Singapore Durian have been planted along the Lornie Nature Corridor. These will add to the greenery as they mature over time.

Car parts along Lornie Road

Keep a look out and you may be able to spot reminders of a time when Lornie Road was once a busy thoroughfare for traffic.

Entry into Central Catchment Area

There are two entryways along the Lornie Nature Corridor which lead into the Central Catchment Area.

Entry to Lornie Trail from the Lornie Nature Corridor

These two paths link up to the Lornie Trail. They adds another hike option for those who are exploring the MacRitchie trails.

Sime Road end of Lornie Nature Corridor

The Lornie Nature Corridor ends at Sime Road.

Lornie Park Connector: MacRitchie to Kheam Hock to Adam Road

Coast-to-Coast - Lornie Park Connector

The Lornie Nature Corridor is also part of the Coast-to-Coast trail which connects MacRitchie and Adam Road. It also makes up part of the Central Urban Loop of the Park Connector Network.

Lornie Park Connector: MacRitchie to Kheam Hock to Adam Road

For those who wish to head on towards Adam Road, from Sime Road, the Lornie park connector leads on across a long overhead bridge across the Lornie Highway before connecting to Kheam Hock Road.

Underpass from Lornie to Kheam Hock Road

An underpass run beneath the Pan Island Expressway linking up to Kheam Hock Park.

Adam Road Boardwalk

From there, the Coast-to-Coast signboards point the way onwards to a boardwalk that runs along the Pan Island Expressway off ramp to Adam Road and beyond.

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