LEGO Seesaw Instructions: Build A Double Version Of This Playground Equipment

LEGO Seesaw Instructions: How To Build A Double Version Of This Popular Playground Equipment
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Up and down, up and down. Seesaws are great fun for kids. For this story, we will be sharing a set of double LEGO Seesaw instructions so that your favourite mini figs can enjoy some playground fun.

Double LEGO Seesaw Instructions

LEGO Seesaw Instructions Build

For the LEGO Seesaw, we decided to make use of a vehicle axle as the main fulcrum to support the seesaw planks.

Double Seesaw Axle

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To allow the seesaw to swing up and down, we attached a Technic Brick with an odd-number of holes on either side. We then paired this Technic Brick with another 1 x 5 LEGO Brick to create a two stud wide plank which would form the surface of the seesaw.

We then built this out with more bricks to make each plank 10 studs long.

We also elevated the axle by raising it up with three bricks. This allows the planks for the seesaw to move freely up and down.

LEGO Playground Builds

To complete the LEGO seesaw build, add the finishing touches by installing some “grip bars” for the mini figs to “grab” on to.

Once you have that, you can enjoy the LEGO Seesaw build.

More LEGO Playground Builds

If you enjoy building this piece of LEGO playground equipment, also be sure to check out the other LEGO builds that we have done. These include a LEGO swing, LEGO merry-go-round and LEGO slide.

Have fun following these LEGO Seesaw instructions for a double seesaw and we hope that your LEGO mini figs have fun!

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