LEGO Friends Autumn’s House 41730: The Best LEGO House Yet?

LEGO Friends Autumn's House 41730: The Best LEGO House Yet?
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When my children and I saw LEGO Friends Autumn’s House 41730, we couldn’t wait to put it together. With its detailed design, multiple rooms, and unique features, this house set offers a one-of-a-kind building experience for LEGO Friends fans of all ages.

Is this the best LEGO house yet? Let’s find out!

LEGO Friends Autumn’s House 41730 Review

LEGO Friends Autumn's House 41730 Review

Autumn is one of the new main characters of the Friends reboot and has a special connection to the original LEGO Friends line-up, as she is Mia’s daughter. Autumn has a limb-difference on her left arm, which reflects LEGO’s values of promoting diversity and inclusivity.

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The Autumn’s House 41730 set comes with 853 pieces, making it one of the larger sets amongst the Friends collection.

Autumn's House 41730

The set includes four mini dolls (Autumn, Mia, Aliya and Leo) and three animal characters.

We started off with building a little stable for Peanut, the foal, before moving on the main house.

There are a total of six rooms in this open dollhouse, spread out over two floors.

The key to a great house is to lay a strong foundation, so it’s no surprise the first pack of the material focuses on the foundation.

Building Autumn's House LEGO

We started with building a porch skirting and covered porch, which is an interesting architectural style for local children as we don’t commonly have this feature here in Singapore.

LEGO Friends Autumn's House Review

Across the short entranceway, the house has a cosy living room featuring a fireplace and a sofa. Above the mantle, a TV panel displaying a wildlife show shows us the love of nature and animals Autumn and her mother Mia has.

On the other side of the house is the kitchen, with plenty of appliances like a stand mixer, oven and stove and refrigerator.

You can even open the fridge to store food items like eggs, milk, can drink and cheese!

I loved how much detail has been included in this small space. Almost everything you can find in a modern kitchen is featured in this tiny kitchen space.

On the left side of the main house was the dining room that extends out from the house with full glass windows and a side door leading to the outside.

Meal time

I can imagine Mia and Autumn having a meal here while overlooking the beautiful landscape.

The second level floor plan consists of a bathroom, complete with a dedicated shower area, sink and toilet, Autumn’s bedroom and a balcony that doubles as an observation deck.


There’s a telescope with a camera attached which is handy for photographing wild animals, and a small table to jot down observations and notes.

We complete the build of Autumn’s House with the roofing and an apple tree at the side of the house. There is even a small bird’s nest in between the roof slopes.

An Amazingly Intricate Set

An Amazingly Intricate Set

My 8-year-old daughter took about three days to complete this LEGO build. It would have probably taken much less time to complete if she had not been so distracted and ended up playing with what she has built.

I cannot blame her for that. Even I was amazed by how intricate this set was.

Despite its compact size, the house boasts cleverly utilises space that provides ample room for the characters to interact in.

The attention to detail is so impressive that you feel like a part of Autumn’s family.  

Overall, this set is a must-have with its well-designed house, great line-up of minidolls and animals and an extensive range of accessories that enhance the overall play experience.

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