LEGO Building Instructions Online: Rebuild Your Model With Thousands Of Booklets Online

LEGO Building Instructions Online: Rebuild Your Model With Thousands Of Booklets Online
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Have you ever built spent hours building a LEGO model only to have to keep it away? And then, when you wish to rebuild it, you find that you have lost the instructions? If that is you, did you know that you can find LEGO building instructions online to help you rebuild your favourite model?

Many LEGO models, especially the more intricate ones come with detail instruction booklets. However, these precious manuals tend to be put aside once the model is complete.

LEGO Building Instructions Online

Thankfully, on, there are thousands of these LEGO instruction booklets available. While not every model is represented, there is a healthy selection available.

LEGO Building Instructions Online

The huge database of online LEGO instruction booklets can be searched in multiple ways.

The easiest and fastest way is to put in the set number into the search bar. The set number is located just below the LEGO logo on the box.

Searching for LEGO instruction booklets

Another way is to do a keyword search. For example, using “Star Wars” to look for a set of instructions to find the instruction booklet for an Imperial Star Destroyer. This does turn up a whole range of Star Wars sets which you will have to look through to find the correct set.

LEGO Building Instructions

For special sets which can be built in multiple ways, there are also alternative instructions available if search for by set number.

Available as an App

For those who prefer something more handy on the mobile device, there is also a LEGO Building Instructions app available on both Apple App store and Google Play store.

This digital building companion allows you to search for the set you want by year, going as far back as 2012. You can flip through the various instructions as well as create a “collection” of the model sets you own.

So, if you are thinking of rebuilding your LEGO sets that have been put aside for some time, you can get cracking with the online LEGO building instructions.

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