10 Lego Sets We Want To Get Our Hands On Right Now

LEGO Bricks
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Did you know that The name ‘Lego is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”? These construction blocks allow unlimited building possibilities with just a little imagination. If you’re looking for a fun activity to get your hands and creative cells working, here are some Lego sets that can get you started!

Lego Classic Basic Brick Set

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Image Credit: Amazon

There’s a reason why Lego has won the title of “Toy of the Century” twice. Discover timeless adventures with this Lego Classic Basic Brick Set, including a selection of colourful Lego bricks, wheels and eyes.

The Lego Movie 2 Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends EVER! Set

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Build The Lego Movie 2 characters Unikitty (with 2 facial expressions) and her play foodie friends, Ice Cream Cone and Chocolate Bar!

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Duel on Starkiller Base

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Image Credit: Amazon

This Lego set features rotating bases for an even more realistic recreation of spinning lightsaber duels as well as toppling trees and a hidden blaster. The set also includes Rey and Kylo Ren Lego Star Wars Minifigures and weapons.

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Lego Sets Ninjago Lloyd’s Titan Mec

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Image Credit: Amazon

Recreate this titan mech ninja robot toy from the Lego Ninjago TV show with gripping hands, a spinning slicer, giant katana and a detachable Minifigure flyer.

Lego City Stunt Team

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Image Credit: Amazon

This Lego City Stunt Team set includes a cool stunt ATV, motorcycle, 2 stunt driver Minifigures with helmets, and a take-off ramp with flames. Combine the vehicles and characters in this set with other Lego toy playsets to form a unique creation for play or display.

Lego DC Batman: Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery

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Image Credit: Amazon

This Batman playset includes two mini-figures: Batman and the Riddler. This set is easier to assemble and suitable for players that would rather spend less time assembling and more time playing!

Lego Classic Orange Creativity Box

Image Credit: Amazon

There aren’t any words that rhyme with orange but the number of orange items you can make are endless! This is a great starting set of classic Lego bricks with special elements, including windows, doors, wheels and eyes.

Lego Friends Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show

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Image Credit: Amazon

This one’s a fun one for your fellow gymnastics lover. This Lego Friends set lets one set up a mini gym with a trampoline, spinning parallel bars and a main stage with a rotating platform

KLUTZ Lego Gadgets Science & Activity Kit

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Image Credit: Amazon

This Lego Gadgets Science & Activity kit promotes STEM learning and has a 78-page book of ideas to get you started. The kit has all the parts that let players build eleven different gadgets and with some imagination of their own, they might invent new ones of their own!

Lego Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission

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Image Credit: Amazon

Build a rescue submarine with a viewing window and hunt for treasure while swimming with the dolphins! This Lego Friends Dolphin Rescue set comes with two playing figures, an underwater scooter, a shipwreck with a hinged mast as well as a “treasure island”.

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