Last-Minute Teachers’ Day Gifts On A Budget

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It’s the time of the year to show our teachers we appreciate them. Frequent encouragement of the teachers is still encouraged, of course. But if this has slipped your mind, we got you covered with 15 ideas for Teachers’ Day gifts on a budget!

Creative Ideas for Teachers’ Day Gifts on a Budget

Budget: $0 – $5

What’s the cheapest way of gifting? Spending close to nothing! Not just for the crafty parent and child, here are some simple ideas to make unique gifts for Teachers’ Day.

Painted Rocks

1. Painted rocks: Buy a bag of pebbles or rocks for $4 from a florist, use paint markers or acrylic paint to write your teachers’ name. Decorate accordingly and, voila, you have a paperweight for gifting!

2. Home-made card – this is an evergreen favourite. Include a haiku for your teacher as a bonus.

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3. Homemade cookies and cupcakes – Who wouldn’t love a sweet treat?

4. Stationery (Red pens are usually welcome) – Markers, pens, post-its! Teaching consumes much energy and stationery.

Budget: $5 to $10

If you are not into art and craft, you might prefer off-the-shelf products for the teachers. Here are some ideas easy to put together and readily available at the nearest stores.

5. Snack bags – We know teachers often have irregular meals, giving a bag with a muesli bar, lozenges, honey sticks, nuts or a perk-me-up drink would make a great care package!

6. A sturdy reusable bag to contain those heavy papers for marking.

Organiser7. An organiser or container to store various knick-knacks.

8. Stickers – all kinds of stickersin a bag! Which teacher doesn’t love stickers?

9. Notebooks – for doodling, note-taking and penning down lesson ideas.

Budget: Above $10

For those feeling slightly more generous, you could give your teachers a little pampering.

10. Aromatherapy Candles – After hours of teaching, scents could drive away the stress and help relax the aching head.

11. Sports equipment such as exercise bands, light weights.

Beeswax Wrap12. Beeswax wrap – an eco-friendly alternative to cling wraps, reusable beeswax wraps keep food fresh for a longer time.

13. Chocolate Bouquet – with some satay sticks and some Hershey kisses, you could make a saccharine sweet bouquet!

14. Hot water tumbler – Hot coffee on-the-go is essential.

15. A cake from a nearby cake store  – Dessert time, need we say more?

While Teachers’ Day is not meant to be a material kind of affirmation, perhaps one of Teachers’ Day gifts on a budget will give you a better idea on what you could get to show your appreciation for the hard work which teachers put in throughout the year. Happy gifting!

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