KidzWorld: Singapore Zoo’s New Children’s Play Area With Petting Zoo & Home Of The Ranger Buddies

Kidzworld: Singapore Zoo's New Children's Play Area With Petting Zoo & Home Of The Ranger Buddies
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KidzWorld, the Singapore Zoo’s new children’s play area, is a corner of the wildlife park specially for kids and the new home of the Ranger Buddies.

The new KidzWorld is located just opposite from Tram Stop 4, just a stone’s throw away from the Fragile Forest exhibit. It is a wonderful space where kids have plenty of opportunities to play, embark on adventures, interact with animals and learn about caring for nature

KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo 

What most may not know is that it is a bit of a homecoming for KidzWorld. Its new location was previously where the original Singapore Zoo children’s playground opened in 1991. 

The space has been given new life with many new attractions for kids and is all ready to welcome in new generations of happy children.

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Step through the gateway of the KidzWorld and enter into a world that is just perfect for kids to explore and encounter animals. 

Here’s an overview of what you can expect at KidzWorld a glance:

Play Trees Dry Children’s Playground with slides, swings, trampolines, sand play and more.
Splish Splash Wet play area with a water maze.
Animal Land Outdoor petting zoo area with goats, falabella horses, chickens and ducks.
Little Paws Indoor petting zoo area with rabbit pens, along with dog and cat areas. There are also other small creatures in exhibits.
Ranger Buddies Base Camp Interactive indoor area where kids can sign up for a Ranger Buddies Quest.
Animal Buddies Amphitheatre Three different animal shows held throughout the day.
Animals @ Play (to be opened) Workshops for kids.


Let’s find out more about what you can expect at each of these locations within KidzWorld.

Play Trees: Singapore Zoo’s Children’s Playground

Play Trees: Singapore Zoo's Children's Playground

When you first step into KidzWorld, directly in front of you is the upper level of the dry children’s playground, Play Trees.

The treehouse-themed playground spans two levels. From the top level where you first arrive arrive into KidzWorld, there are slides and rope ramps leading down to the playground below.

treehouse-themed playground at Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

There is a basket swing along with bouncy trampolines embedded into the ground.

Kidzworld Children's Playground

This all makes it feel like a special treehouse clubhouse for Ranger Buddies to hang out and have some fun.  

What we especially liked about the Singapore Zoo KidzWorld children’s playground was that there were all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore and discover. 

Splish Splash: Water Playground at the Singapore Zoo’s KidzWorld

Splish Splash: Water Playground at the Singapore Zoo's Kidzworld

Parents, be sure to bring along the swim gear for the kids when planning a visit to Singapore Zoo because will mostly likely want to run through it. 

Splish Splash, the wet play area at KidzWorld has some splashing buckets close to the entrance but the main attraction is the water maze.

Water Maze

The water maze at Splish Splash is constantly changing, providing kids with plenty of fun as they try to dash through the passageways of water.

It is a great place for kids to have soak and escape from the heat of the tropical sun. 

Do take note that appropriate swimwear and swimming diapers, if needed, will to be worn at all times. Children should also shower before and after play. 

Shower and changing rooms

The showers and changing booth are just outside Splish Splash.

World Class Petting Zoo Experience

Another highlight of the new KidzWorld is the chance to interact with different animals. There are more than 250 of them at KidzWorld.

There are both outdoor and indoor areas for kids to interact with animals. 

Animal Land

Animal Land

Animal Land is the outdoor animal area. Here, kids can get upclose to the goats in the pen. 

Farm animals

In another section there are farm animals like chickens and ducks. 


Another paddock has the falabellas. The gentle, cute small horses are a delight to interact with.

Little Paws

Little Paws

The Little Paws indoor petting area if where you can find many different varieties of small mammals.

Soft, furry rabbits hop around happily in their pen. Kids can get inside the pen with them. Other animals at Little Paws include ferrets and Gambian pouched rats. 

There are two other sections of the indoor petting zoo that kids and even adults will enjoy. 

Cat area at Little Paws

At the cat area, visitors can interact with various rescued cats. 

Canine Clubhouse

Next to it is the Canine Clubhouse where visitors can hang out with canine friends. 

The petting zoo is a good place for younger children to be introduced to different animals. 

Ranger Buddies Base Camp: Phygital Activities

Ranger Buddies Base Camp: Phygital Activities

The new Kidzworld is also the new home of the Ranger Buddies.

Ranger Buddies is an edutainment programme aimed at nurturing every child to become a future-ready and responsible global citizen by driving positive change for themselves, others and the world. 

The Ranger Buddies Base Camp can be found right beside the entrance of KidzWorld.

Ranger Buddies Quest

Inside, kids can rent a pair of oversized binoculars that also doubles up as a way to experience the Ranger Buddies Quest.

The binoculars can be docked at different stations around KidzWorld for kids to complete a mission and learn about how they too can be heroes through their everyday actions. It is a fun way for them to learn about caring for the earth and sustainability. 

Up till 30 November 2023, Friends of Wildlife members and the public enjoy soft launch rates of $10 and $12 respectively. From 1 December 2023, the regular rate of $15 applies to the public. Friends of Wildlife members and WildPass holders get to rent the binoculars at $12 and $13.50 respectively.

Ranger Buddies Quest is currently available on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and school holidays.

Inside the Ranger Buddies Base Camp

By signing up for the Ranger Buddies Quest, kids can also get access to the Ranger Buddies Base Camp indoor play area.

Ranger Buddies Base Camp

Inside the Base Camp, kids can get to know Kai and Yara, the guardians of the Ranger Buddies universe. They can also explore the hideout which features activities like colouring and virtually picking up trash in the pond.

Animal Shows at KidzWorld

There is also a small amphitheatre at KidzWorld where there will be scheduled animal shows throughout the day. Each show lasts 10 minutes.

Animal Buddies Show Timings

Meet Our Hooved Friends 11 am, daily,
12.30 pm, Mon to Fri
Animal Heroes
12.30 pm on Sat, Sun & PH,
2 pm, daily
Dance Your Heart Out 3.30 pm, daily


Animals @ Play (to be opened)

Other Attractions at Kidzworld

Animals @ Play is a section of KidzWorld where children can make crafts for animals to play with as part of the animals’ enrichments. It is currently not opened but will open in the future.

Food at KidzWorld

There are two food options at KidzWorld. Just beside the entrance is a KFC.

Food at Kidzworld

On the floor below is the KidzWorld Cafe where you will find food options such as fish & chips and pastas. There are also Asian mains such as la mian and donburis. You can even purchase bottle beer at the KidzWorld Cafe.

Amenities and Other Useful Things to Know about KidzWorld

Diaper Changing room at Kidzworld

For nursing mothers and children who need their diapers changed, there is a diaper changing room at the lower level, close to the Splish Splash water play area. 

nursing rooms at Kidzworld

There are two nursing rooms (with power outlets) located within the family room. 

Family toilet

Next to the family room, there is a family toilet with another diaper changing station. 

gift shop at Kidzworld

There is also a gift shop by the entrance of KidzWorld. At the back of the gift shop, you will find the lift that will take you from the upper level of the lower level where the petting zoo is located.

A Fun Time for Kids at KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo

The new KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo is a place where kids can not only have plenty of fun but learn to interact with animals, as well as learn about caring for the world they live in. 

It is a must-do stop for anyone visiting the Singapore Zoo with kids.

No additional admission fee is required to enter KidzWorld. However, charges apply for the Ranger Buddies Quest. You can find out more about KidzWorld here.

As a final note, the animal carousel is still operating down the road from KidzWorld, opposite from the chimpanzee exhibit.

Wild Animal Carousel

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