June School Holidays 2019 Workshops, Programmes And Camps To Engage And Excite Your Child During The One-Month Break

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The mid-year school break offers a chance for kids to be exposed to different activities. There are plenty of June school holiday 2019 workshops, programmes and camps that they can participate in, have a some fun and be enriched at the same time.

Here is a selection of June school holiday 2019 workshops, activities and programmes for kids to enjoy during the one-month vacation, before the next semester starts up again.

June School Holidays 2019 Workshops, Programmes And Camps

Parkour and Flips Kids Camp by Superfly Monkey Dragons

Superfly Parkour / Learn 2 Flip Holiday CampsGet moving at Superfly Monkey Dragons’ Parkour and Flips Kids Camp. Kids will learn to focus their energy at these holiday camps for active bodies – and discover their own abilities and potential too. Choose from Half Day Parkour or Flips camps, or full Day Parkour or Parkour and Flip camps! Give children a confidence boost as they explore the creative possibilities of jumping, vaulting, landing and climbing with Asia’s progressive movement academy during the school holidays from June 3rd to August 16th. Find out more here.

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MindChamps June Holiday Programmes

MindChamps June Holiday ProgrammesSign your child up for MindChamps June Holiday Workshops for an enriching time filled with creativity, learning and confidence-building. Sharpen your child’s writing skills in a 5-day camp for lower primary students. Allow them to hone their communication skills at a theme-based Actors Centre Kids Bootcamp. Primary 3 to 6 children will also benefit from the Thinking Cap workshop where they will be taught self-directed learning skills, problem-solving and divergent thinking skills.

There will also be immersive reading camps for kindergarten children and a two-day workshop for Primary 3 and 4 children to deepen their understanding of concepts and collaborative skills. Find out more about MindChamps June Holiday Programmes here.

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Eye Level Free English & Math Diagnostic Assessment & Trial Class

Eye Level Free English & Math Diagnostic Assessment & Trial ClassEye Level helps students become self-directed problem-solvers, critical thinkers and lifelong learners by providing individualised coaching with a small step approach. Durn the mid-year school holidays, Eye Level is offering free diagnostic assessment and trial classes for English and Math. Find out how to sign up your child for the free trial class here.

The Grand Camp

The Grand Camp 2019 (June Holidays)Kids get to sample from a variety of fun and interesting classes at The Grand Camp, a one-day programme by The Grandstand. There are separate camps for ages 3 to 6 and 7 to 12 year olds. Try a variety of classes which include martial arts, drumming and LEGO building. Kids can look forward to a grand time at The Grand Camp.

Robotics & Video-Game Creation Workshop

Robotics & Video-Game Creation WorkshopKaesac Learning Centre offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) holiday workshops. During the June 2019 school holidays in Singapore, kids can join a Video-Games Creation workshop or get competitive at a Robo Olympics workshop to learn about programming. Other STEM programmes during the June 2019 school holidays include It’s a Dinosaur and Crazy Bug Racer workshops. Science is fun! Fun out more about Kaesace Learning Centre’s holiday programmes.

Global Art Holiday Programmes

Global Art Holiday ProgrammesKids can explore their artistic side with Global Art Singapore’s June 2019 school holiday programmes. Take part in workshops that cover media and styles as diverse as clay modelling, cartoons, comics and acrylic painting. Learn more about how your child can get creative during the school vacation here.

Nature & Biodiversity Camps

Nature & Biodiversity CampsWant to let your child experience nature in new ways during the June school holidays 2019? How about letting them go for a biodiversity investigative workshop, Going Batty in the Gardens!, At Singapore Botanic Gardens. Or allow them to take part in a farm to table holiday workshop which involves making cheesy truffled mushroom scones. NParks has various interesting holiday workshop and programmes that will shed new light on nature for young, inquisitive explorers. Check out the programmes here.

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