Jem Play Shopping Mall Playground: Mudskippers by the Food Court

JEM Play, Mudskipper Shopping Centre Playground
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Update: The Jem Play Playground has been renovated and re-opened on 8 August 2018. Click here to check out the new Jem Play Playground.

Located next to the 5th-floor Koufu food court at Jem shopping mall in Jurong, Jem Play is a children’s playground that provides a welcomed distraction for young kids.

Mudskipper Play Space

The outdoor but sheltered playground adopts a marine theme. Riffing on this theme, there are little play structures and cargo nets at the Jem playground. This shopping centre playground also incorporates simple water play.

Mudskipper Play Structures, JEM PlayLounging around the children’s playground are green mudskipper structures. Just like the Jem shopping mall logo, these structures have angular sides and are cut like a gem. With two shades of green, they each have a small stream of water flowing through them. Kids can enjoy simple water play here.

Red Mudskipper, JEM Shopping Centre PlaygroundClose by to the green mudskippers are their larger, red-coloured cousin. The red mudskipper does not have any water flowing through it. Instead, it is a fun structure that kids will find joy climbing all over.

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A wall of water by the side of the children’s playground provides another opportunity for water play.

Net a Good Time

JEM Play's Merry-go-roundJem Play also has an orange, mini merry-go-round that kids can spin around on.

Cargo Net at JEM PlayA square cargo net is spread out at one side of Jem Play. This small red cargo net is suitable for small kids to walk on.

Net Tunnel, JEMThe red net is a prelude to a larger climbing tunnel just around the corner. This rectangular tunnel bridge rises up before returning down to the ground. Kids can make their way into the net tunnel and exit from the other side.

Explore the Space Above

Science Exhibits at JEMOne floor above Jem Play is a hidden corner that contains some science exhibits.

These science exhibits have not been maintained. The ones that kids can still play with include metallic drums and an oversized chair.

Jem Play is part of Jem’s rooftop garden, JEM Park. These gardens are spread out from the 5th floor to the 7th floor and are open to the public. From Jem Play, you can also look across to the neighbouring Westgate Wonderland children’s playground.

Jem Play Shopping Mall Playground

Address: 5th floor, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549

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