J-Treats Arrival: Japanese Treats at 7-Eleven

J-Treats Arrival
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Those who love Japanese snacks and goodies no longer need to go far to get their fix of Japanese treats with J-Treats Arrival at 7-Eleven.

A range of 15 Japanese goodies will be available at selected 7-Eleven stores island-wide from now till January 2018. This is the second time this year that 7-Eleven is bringing in a variety of well-loved snacks from Japan in collaboration with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

J-Treats Arrival: Japanese Goodies

Here are some of the snacks you can look out for a 7-Eleven near you.

Yogurt Soft Candy (Plain)

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Yogurt CandyThis yogurt soft candy contains 10 billion lactobacillus in every 3 candies. This is good for the gut has a rich, smooth flavour that melts in the mouth.


LumondeLumonde is a thin crepe dough, folded and stacked into many layers. It is wrapped with a rich and flavourful cocoa cream with a light texture and luxurious flavour.

Fettuccine Gummi Italian Grape Aji

Fettuccine Gummi Italian Grape AjiThis fettucine-shaped fresh and tangy grape-flavoured gummy is has a texture that is slightly hard and chewy, like al dente pasta.

Petit Choco Chip / Choco Chip Matcha / Potato Usushio Aji / Potato Consomme Aji

ChipsBite-sized cookies and potato chips. The Petit Choco Chips are made from cocoa dough with chocolate chips while the Choco Chip Matcha incorporates matcha flavours. The potato crackers have a light, crisp texture with the natural flavour of potato.

Big Miso Ramen

Big Miso RamenThis big ramen bowl comprises thick ramen noodles with thick gravy-like soup with the distinctive and aromatic flavour of garlic miso.

Catch Vouchers to Win

Catching vouchersIn addition, during the weekends, customers can participate in a game of catching vouchers in a Cash Flow machine. These vouchers can be used to redeem free J-Treats or 7-Eleven collectible plushies.

The weekend schedule and locations of the Cash Flow machines will be made available at this Facebook page.

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