Instagram’s Birthday Easter Egg

Instagram’s Birthday Easter Egg
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Check Out Instagram’s Birthday Easter Egg! In celebration of their 10th birthday on 6 October, Instagram has hidden a new Easter egg that lets the Instagram users new and old take a nostalgic trip into Instagram’s history and swap out their current icons for something different.

How to change your Instagram icon

Here are the steps to unlock the new Instagram birthday easter egg.

  1. Go to your settings

02 Instagram Easter Egg
Image: Instagram

2. Pull the setting screen downwards and it will reveal a series of emojis

03 Instagram Easter Egg
Image: Instagram

3. Continue dragging the screen downwards until you see a birthday present emoji which will then explode with confetti, unlocking the new “App Icon” page!

06 Instagram Easter Egg
Image: Instagram

13 Variations for Instagram’s Birthday Easter Egg

04 Instagram Easter Egg
Image: Instagram

You can choose from 13 different icons including Instagram’s Prelaunch “codename” icon, the “original” icon which was released in 2010 as well as the “classic” icons which were used in October 2010 – August 2011. They also have different colour variations including twilight, aurora, gold and dark.

05 Instagram Easter Egg

It isn’t stated how long Instagram’s Birthday Easter Egg will be available for but users can have fun using the different icons while they are available. iPhone users can download or update Instagram from Apple’s App Store here while Android users can do so on the Google Play Store here.