Imaginarium 2018 – Into The Space of Time: Explorations In Contemporary Art At Singapore Art Museum

Imaginarium 2018 - Into the Space of Time, Singapore Art Museum
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Explore the realm of time through contemporary art at Singapore Art Museum’s Imaginarium 2018 – Into the Space of Time. From 6 May to 26 August 2018, the interactive, family-friendly exhibition at SAM at 8Q will present the works of 10 contemporary artists and their interpretation of time, memories and the future.

Exhibits at Imaginarium 2018 – Into the Space of Time

Sweepers’ Clock

Sweepers’ ClockFacing the street at the exterior of SAM at 8Q is Sweepers’ Clock, a 720-minute-long video installation by Maarten Baas from the Netherlands. Peer through the white outlined space to see two handymen sweep trash and in doing so, create an analogue clock moving the clock’s “trash hands” with their brooms. This work presents Maarten’s interpretation of the passing time as a physical process.

The Megaphone Project

The Megaphone Project, Imaginarium 2018Littered on the outside SAM at 8Q are the red horns of the Megaphone Project. The installation is the work of Australian artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey. It encourages visitors to play with sound using the megaphones.

In Our Time

In Our Time, Imaginarium 2018Created by Singaporean illustrator Lee Xin Li, In Our Time is an installation that reflects on Singapore’s landscape, past and present.

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In Our Time at Imaginarium 2018, SingaporeExhibition at SAM at 8QThere are plenty of pop culture references and childhood throwbacks at this work. It recalls the innocence of childhood.

Detail of In Our TimeThose who take the time to look in detail at the comic-book-like drawings will be rewarded with vignettes of Singaporean life. Visitors can add on to the artwork by creating their own illustrations too.

Song of Life

Song of Life by Indonesian artist Ronald ApriyanSong of Life by Indonesian artist Ronald Apriyan is a three-part mural at the SAM at 8Q stairwell. It is based on three childhood songs, Satu Satu Aku Sayang Ibu (One and One, I Love You Mother), Nai Naik Ke Puncak Gunung (Up Climb to the Mountain Top) and Bintang Kecil (Twinkle Little Star). The colourful murals celebrate the innocence of childhood, and once you have ascended to the fourth floor, you can watch a video of the artist talking about the inspiration behind the work.

Round and round and back home again

Round and round and back home againCreated by Boedi Widjaja, an Indonesian artist who lives in Singapore, this installation features a collection of mutoscopes and peepholes.

Mutoscopes at SAM at 8QHand crank the mutoscopes to bring images to life or peer through the peepholes to view image interpretations of space exploration and time-travel.


MomentariumThis visual installation literally bottles memories into jars. Step back and admire the patterns created by the various images of people or move in for a closer look at individual jars.

Momentarium at SAM at 8QTwo cameras by the side of the installation allow visitors to add to this video installation. Momentarium is created by Stephane Masson from France.

Cosmic Grass

Cosmic GrassSingaporean artist Matthew Sia’s Cosmic Grass is made up of clusters of fibre optic lights that create an ethereal plain of “grass”. The fields of “grass” at this Imaginarium 2018 installation lights up in response to the presence of visitors and is symbolic of the impact human activities have on the natural world.

Utsuroi Iroha

Utsuroi IrohaThis interactive installation invites visitors to become part of the artwork.

Utsuroi Iroha at Imaginarium 2018 - Into the Space of Time, SingaporeStand on a marked spot, carry out an action and see the visual display change. There are multiple scenes and seasons portrayed in the installation which is created by Japanese artist Mayuko Kanazawa.

The Gedaze Project

The Gedaze ProjectThe Gedaze Project at Imaginarium 2018 – Into the Space of Time exhibition is the work of two Filipino artists Aze and Ged. It makes use of crocheted pieces to create a yarn-spun universe for visitors to explore.


Connect-the-DotsConnect-the-Dots is the work of Singaporean artist Lee Mei Ling. It recalls children connect-the-dots books and is representative of life’s journey which begins with a blank canvas and slowly gets filled up as one “connects the dots”. Mei Ling will be completing one of the canvas on-site at Imaginarium 2018 in May.

Imaginarium Short Films and Other Programmes

Short films at Moving Image GalleryDuring Imaginarium 2018 – Into the Space of Time, the Moving Image Gallery on the second floor of SAM at 8Q will be screening short films based on the concept of time. These include works such as The Girl and the Cat by Ervin Han and Bernard Toh and Eclipse by Jerrold Chong.

Other programmes lined up for the Singapore Art Museum exhibition for 2018 include the Imaginarium 2018 open house on 15 June, Toddler Art Workshops (various dates) and guided tours.

Imaginarium at Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8QFor more information, visit the Imaginarium 2018 – Into the Space of Time online.

Imaginarium 2018 – Into the Space of Time

Dates: 6 May to 26 August 2018
Location: SAM at 8Q, 8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535
Opening Hours: Saturdays to Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm, Fridays, 10 am to 9 pm
Entry is free for Singaporeans, permanent residents and children under six. Otherwise, it is $6 for adults and $3 for students and senior citizens. Free museum entry for all every Friday from 6 pm to 9 pm and on Open House days.

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