#IDIDNTKNOW National Infertility Awareness Week: 24 To 30 April 2022

#IDIDNTKNOW National Infertility Awareness Week: 24 To 30 April 2022
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Infertility is a topic that is not often heard of, but it affects many of us and most who are silent.

A familiar response might be “I didn’t know” whenever the subject is broached. Fertility Support SG hopes to change this.

24 to 30 April is National Infertility Awareness Week, a movement started by Resolve – National Infertility Association in America. This movement hopes to educate people about fertility issues.

In the same vein, Fertility Support SG a ground-up initiative started its own #IDIDNTKNOW campaign to shine a light on infertility. Warriors both female and male were invited to share their journeys and these shared experiences are aimed to encourage many of us still walking this long journey of infertility.

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Warriors Championing Fertility in Singapore

 Fertility Support SG is run by IVF SG Warriors, they have used their experiences courageously to share with others what to expect, how to get help, how to increase the chances of pregnancy and many other helpful advice for hopeful couples.

For #IDIDNTKNOW campaign, Fertility Support SG has invited people who have gone through IVF and infertility to tell others about experiencing infertility.

One of them is prominent activist and Member of Parliament Louis Ng, who champions voices of parents. He shares candidly about many rounds of IVF to have three girls.

“IVF is one of the causes that I am passionate about, because of how personal it is to me. It’s something that no couple wants to have to go through, and is such an exhausting, emotional and physically demanding journey. My wife and I had to pump almost all of our resources into it, and we exhausted all the grants that were available.” Louis Ng, Member of Parliament

Others who share their experiences include TV personality Haslinda Ali and founder of Our Second Nature Velda Tan.

Don’t be too ashamed to speak up

Infertility affects many, speaking up helps normalise it and it can also help you find your support group is essential.

For those who would like to find out more, take this quiz by Thomson Medical and STO+G Practice.

Share your own infertility journey here.

And find more resources on this site by Fertility Support SG, know that you are not alone on this journey.

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