Happy Tot Shelf’s Home Explorer Camp Activity Pack: Themed Stay-At-Home Learning Activities For Kids

Happy Tot Shelf’s Home Explorer Camp Activity Pack: Themed Stay-At-Home Learning Activities For Kids
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Wondering what to do with the kids while they are at home for the holidays? Mummy Fynn from Happy Tot Shelf has put together a package of learning activities for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old, available as a free download.

Home Explorer Camps Activity Pack by Happy Tot Shelf

Happy Tot Shelf’s Home Explorer Camps Activity Pack is centred around five themes –  animals, space, flowers and plants, the ocean and weather. Parents can download the activity pack and print it out at home for the kids to do.

For each theme, there are eight “missions” which kids have to complete.

Happy Tot Shelf’s Home Explorer Camp Activity Pack: Learning Activities For Kids at HomeCompleting one mission allows them to “unlock” the next one. There are also special mission cards that tie in with activities such as nap time, meals and shower time.

Complete all the missions to earn the “rank” of Junior Zookeeper, Junior Astronomer, and so forth.

According to Happy Tot Shelf, these activities are deliberately designed to be as easy as possible for parents to organise while creating meaningful learning experiences for kids.

Download the Activity Pack for Fun Learning


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Have you downloaded my Home Explorer Camp Activity Pack? Go grab it on my blog and join us! When creating this resource, I thought very hard about what will be the best way to help parents who are going to be stuck at home with their children. I want it to be fun for the kids and easy for the parents, to help parents get through the day with their kids and make the best of their days at home. . . I did camp 1 with my children today and it was exactly what I had in mind. It was as easy as pulling out the mission cards and we could get our day going. Swipe left to see what we did today! . . I’m incredibly excited that so many of you are joining in Home Explorer Camp. Tag me @happytotshelf and use this hashtag #HTShomeexplorercamp . I love to see your little ones and you having fun learning and playing at home! . . #funathome #funlearningathome #playislearning #playbasedlearning #sensoryplay #learningathome

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If are still looking for some stay-at-home activities for your kids, check out Happy Tot Shelf’s free Home Explorer Camp activity pack here.

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