Google Easter Egg Games: Hidden Games In the Search Box

Google Easter Egg Games: Hidden Games In the Search Box
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We all know Google as the giant search engine (and much, much more nowadays). While we often turn to Google for functional reasons like work or finding ideas on what to do over the weekend, did you know that Google Search can also provide more “leisurely” distractions? One of the secrets which Google Search holds are some Google Easter Egg games.

Google Easter Egg Games

By typing in various search terms and Google will let you access some games you can play straight out of the browser.

Here are some Google Easter Egg Games you can play using Google Search.


Google Pac-manThe Google Pac-man Doodle first appeared on the Google homepage on 21 May 2010 on the 30th anniversary of the classic game. Nowadays, you can still play the classic arcade Pac-man game straight off the browser with Google Search. Just type in the term “Pacman” to get the option to play the game. This Google Easter Egg Game is available on both desktop and mobile. On the desktop, you use the cursor keys to play, while on mobile, swipe your finger about to move the yellow chomper around.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget SpinnerThe craze may be all but over but you can still get your Fidget Spinner fix on Google Search. Type in “Fidget Spinner” to get a digital version of the spinner on your screen. On the mobile, swipe it to make it spin while on the desktop version, click the mouse to get it going – the faster you click, the faster it spins. There is also a number spinner version available.

Atari Breakout

Google Atari BreakoutThis is the classic Atari arcade game, given a twist by Google. In place of bricks, there are Google Search images. Use your mouse or finger to move the “blocker” about and bounce the ball about and destroy Google Search image blocks. Atari Breakout is available on both desktop and mobile.

Have fun but don’t spend too much time on these Google Easter Egg Games!

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