Longevity “Noodles” For Kai Kai And Jia Jia As The Panda Pair Celebrate Their Birthdays

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River Safari giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia celebrated their birthdays this September 2019 with a plate of longevity “noodles”. Kai Kai, the male giant panda, turned 12 on 14 September 2019. Female Giant panda, Jia Jia , turned 11 on 3 September 2019.

Longevity “noodles” for River Safari’s Giant Pandas

Longevity Noodles for Giant Pandas, River Safari
Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Panda keeper had prepared the giant panda version of longevity “noodles” as a special birthday treat. The “noodles” were prepared used 888 grams of spiralised carrots. It was accompanied with 1 kg of bamboo shoots, 150 g of high fibre biscuits and 100 g of apples.

Panda eating noodles
Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The ‘noodles’ were also a form of food-based enrichment to stimulate the giant pandas’ cognitive abilities

Edible Bamboo PlatterThe meal was served on an edible bamboo platter – which the giant pandas could consume too!

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Happy birthday, Kai Kai and Jia Jia!

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