FREE Courses & Skills To Learn While Staying Home

Skills To Learn While Staying Home
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Almost the entire world is home keeping a safe distance from the rest of society if possible to flatten the curve. With a slowdown of schedules, zero social events, no play dates, there is much more time to pursue interests and even upgrade your skills during the pandemic. There is a surge in traffic for online learning, not just in schools, evidently from the extra time on hand.

Aside from PA’s courses, many agencies are offering free online courses! Want to “graduate” from Berklee College of Music where our famous star JJ Lin is from? Or how about coding your first game? Kids can also learn to draw 25 cartoons in a two-hour course.

What’s better than sitting on your couch, learning in comfort and upgrading your skills at the same time?

Coursera’s Free Courses to Learn at Home

Over 1400 courses Coursera offers are free – till the end of May. Courses hail from renowned institutions such as Penn, Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins, Caltech, Duke and even from companies such as Google and Amazon.

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Guitar For Beginners by Berklee College of Music

Guitar For Beginners by Berklee College of MusicWant to learn to serenade to your spouses or pursue the rock star life? Here’s your chance. This free course will teach you the structure of the guitar, basic maintenance, develop correct techniques and apply theory concepts. You will even learn about the basics about electric guitar.

Go to class here.

Creative Thinking Techniques and Tools For Success by Imperial College London

Thinking out of the box is critical these days given the huge changes in how businesses run as well as how crises have forced firms to evolve beyond their usual operations. This course will harness your creativity to develop a new perspective or more effective ways of communicating an idea. Tap into your natural creativity to seize opportunities, break away from routine and habit, and become a practitioner of creativity.

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age by University of Toronto

Video conferencing is essential these days with telecommuting and more working from home. Learn how to communicate effectively, influence people, negotiate and sell ideas virtually. Create impactful presentations to audiences thousands of miles away, run effective meetings and incorporate strategies to have positive difficult conversations, while making people feel valued. You will need a phone or computer with a functioning camera as well as a microphone for this course for practice sessions.

Attend class here.

Essentials of Global Health by Yale University

Curious to see what an Ivy League university teaches? Now you can have a peek into one of the courses offered by Yale and understand global health issues. Learn the whats and whys of sicknesses and death, which people are most vulnerable, why we should care and what can be done to address key health issues in sustainable ways. The focus will be on low and middle-income countries, health of the poor and health disparities.

Get your insights here.

First Step Korean by Yonsei University

First Step Korean by Yonsei UniversityAnnyeonghasaeyo! Is that one of the few Korean phrases you know? How about turning off the subtitles next time you catch the latest Kdrama? Learn Korean at home with Yonsei University’s course. Not only will you learn to read and write Korean alphabets, communicate in basic Korean, you will learn about Korean culture (which I suspect half of the female population is already familiar with this).

Gaja, Korean crash course has landed! (Let’s go!)

Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks by University of Pittsburgh

Given the current context, you might be keen to learn more about infectious diseases. How do we prevent infectious diseases from becoming epidemics or pandemics? The focus will be on public health laws, policies, framework for effective prevention. So the next time the government introduces a new measure, you understand the rationale behind it.

Get infected with knowledge.

Various Courses by National University of Singapore

NUS has also jumped aboard the bandwagon with various courses such as digital disruption, persuasive and credible communication, data science, web coding fundamentals, social media and public relations. See all 22 courses offered online here.

Learning Via Udemy

Another portal you can use for online learning is Udemy. Download the app so you can learn on-the-go while commuting or at home. There are many options about personal growth and wellness, productivity and professional skills, essential tech skills, leading organizations through change as well as courses for children.

Drawing Cartoons for Kids

Drawing Cartoons for Kids
Image: Udemy

This two-hour course is an inspiring art experience for children above 5. Your child will learn to create over 25 cartoon drawings. Art promotes critical thinking skills, develops hand-eye coordination and encourages self-expression. Click here.

Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer Mind

Feeling sad, worried and frustrated lately? Learn how to reduce your stress by developing your mental capacity, calming yourself and develop resilience. Calm on.

Mental Health for Coping with Stress & Anxiety

This course promotes a growth mindset amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Look beyond the problems and find opportunities. You will learn strategies for achieving goals and make the most of the time, including coping with boredom with healthy distractions and raising productivity levels. Feel better here.

Conscious Business: Work & Succeed with Purpose & Fulfilment

What’s the purpose of life? What is the purpose of business? This course will teach how to create a purpose-driven, fulfilling and successful career, a purpose-driven culture, building a passionate team and changing the way we conduct business. Try the awakening course here.

Introductory Photography Course

Want to improve your photography skills? You can turn off the “Auto” mode and unlock the creative potential of your camera. Learn how to set the AF mode on the camera, framing great photos, what to look for in the background, controlling exposure, aperture, depth of field and more. Your spouse will appreciate those improved photography skills.

IT Professional 2.0: Take your career to the Next Level

Keen to take your IT career to the next level? Learn skills and methods that will make your stand out from other IT professionals. If you value your career and would like to reach your full potential in the challenging job market, take the course here.

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General Assembly’s Intro to Data Analytics

General Assembly is offering a livestream course on Data analytics on 9 April. In this online workshop, you will learn to ask the right questions of data, while learning basic analytic functionality. Your newfound data analytic skills will be applied to real-world datasets which allows your to develop recommendations based on findings. The instructor is a Senior Actuarial Analyst from National Australia Bank. Sign up here.

Harvard University’s Free Courses

Harvard University’s Free CoursesEven though schools in UK and US are closed for now, you can still attend Harvard University from home. From courses on religion, computer science, fundamentals of neuroscience, literature and music, there is a huge range made available online for free. Here’s your chance to attend Harvard!

Google’s Digital Garage

Learn the most in-demand skills in data and tech, digital marketing and career development via Google’s Digital Garage. Courses are free with certification by Google included. There are also other courses offered by top universities in US such as Social Psychology by Wesleyan University, Influencing people by University of Michigan. See the full list here.

Microsoft’s Learn

Another tech giant, Microsoft, has also offered many course options online. Earn certifications according to your technical role as developer, solutions architect, data scientist, functional consultant or other roles you may be in. This is also a chance to explore alternate career paths through acquiring skills you may have an aptitude for. Jump into the windows of learning here.

Facebook Blueprint Online Courses

Most know how to use Facebook for socialising, but not all know how to use Facebook to further business goals. You can choose either beginner lessons or expand skills with advanced marketing concepts. Courses will teach business owners how to choose ad formats, build awareness, distribute and monetize content amongst other topics. Access the courses here.

Make a Website with Code Academy

Want to start a website for your new enterprise or hobby? How about attending a free web development course by Code Academy? You will be learning the basics of website building using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. The course is hands-on with webpage building opportunities as well as quizzes to test your knowledge.

Pixar In A Box Online Course

Pixar In A Box Online Course
Image: Disney Pixar

This collaboration between Disney and Khan Academy is a dream come true. Pixar in a box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. Learn to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, virtual fireworks explore. The course explores the art of storytelling, lighting, simulation, colour science, virtual cameras, effects, patterns, rigging, animation, environment modelling, rendering and more!

Learn the magic of Pixar here. 

Duolingo’s Free Language Courses

Duolingo’s Free Language CoursesHere’s your chance to learn the language you have always wanted to learn. Duolingo offers fun ways to pick up the language, with gamified lessons. Learn French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Haiwaiian or even Klingon or High Valyrian. Ready to go on full Star Trek fan mode?

Keep Calm and Carry On Learning Online

Keep Calm and Carry On Learning Online - Free CoursesEverything might seem cancelled, but learning goes on. E-learn together with your spouse, or kids! A useful skill would take your mind off the gloom and doom plus you might even feel courageous to take that step of faith into a new job role.

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