Family Art Jamming: A Creative Expression Of Love

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Young children are the most uninhibited artists. They don’t worry about capturing the right proportions, using the “correct” colours or portraying their subjects realistically.

They just create – and in the process, have fun!

That was how the kids who participated in our Little Day Outing: Family Art Jamming, together with their adults, enjoyed their morning at MindChamps PreSchool @ Concorde Hotel (Orchard).

Happy girlBesides fun and family bonding, the event also provided an opportunity for the families to show their love to less privileged children. Their artworks were to be sold and the proceeds donated to Singapore Children’s Society.

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Before they started getting creative, the children warmed up at the preschool’s spacious gym with a fun NeuroMoovesTM session involving cross-lateral movements that help develop gross motor skills, coordination, balance and even musical intelligence!

Children forming a train
MindChamps Teacher Miss Farah, with the help of her colleagues, led the little ones in fun physical activities from the preschool’s signature NeuroMoovesTM  programme.
Girl rolling
The children had a rolling good time!

After the physical workout, the kids were ready to flex their creative muscles at art jamming. Together with their adults, they decided on what to paint based on the theme of ‘love’.

Family painting together

Family, dinosaurs, flowers, abstract colours… the resulting interpretations of ‘love’ were many and varied.

Girl holding painting

Dad taking picture of boy

It was great to see the children so enthusiastic about their artwork…

Boys painting

…and families enjoying their time together.

e09 MindChamps Concorde ArtJamming

What a creative mess we made!

Girl with paint on face and hands

Everyone had fun! But beyond that, we hope that the little ones, having put in the effort to paint for charity, would understand that they can make a difference in the lives of others, even though they are young.

Touched by the heart of the families who took part in our Family Art Jamming, Little Day Out decided to purchase all the paintings made on the day of the event. The full amount has been donated to Singapore Children’s Society, accompanied by handmade cards made by some of the participating kids.

Painted cards

You can see more pictures of the event here.

Little Day Outing: Family Art Jamming is organised in collaboration with MindChamps PreSchool @ Concorde Hotel (Orchard).


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